Baby Supplies

With the help of some friends we are now registered at Babies R Us and Target. Thank goodness they were there to give us some insight on what products they use and what things we won’t need. We wandered around both stores yesterday scanning away everything we will need when the baby arrives. The only things that I am still hung up on are a diaper bag and a chair -I will need to do more research on both. I have to say that the goodie bags that each store gave us were really nice. In the Target bag we got a pacifier, rattle, and some wipes. Not too bad for just registering there. It is also really easy to add and delete items off of the registry from the website – so these lists are definitely a work in progress, but I am glad they have been started.

It is funny how quickly you can feel your house get a bit tighter when you clean out a few rooms. I am thinking it only gets worse when the baby arrives. Tony has been painting away in the nursery. The ceiling is painted and he will be starting the trim this week. Hopefully it will be completed by early December so that we can order the carpet and have it installed. I know I have a ways to go yet, but I feel like there is so much that needs to be done. At least we are making progress.

Babies R Us

Taking a break from registering


Feeling Overwhelmed

This weekend was nice and relaxing. We didn’t have anything planned, but we knew that we wanted to get some nursery things done. Tony finished painting the two dressers that we are going to use in the nursery (one will be used for the changing table, and the other as part of a mini closet). Now I am searching for some new hardware for the drawers. I checked Anthropology online last night  big mistake. The stuff is so cute, but really expensive. Maybe I will check Lowe’s or Home Depot this week. We also decided that we would have wall-to-wall carpet installed in the nursery instead of refinishing the hardwood floors. The search is on for some carpet.

I am trying to put together a list of items that we want to add to our registry this weekend. I believe that I have the big things figured out, stroller, crib, rocking chair.  All that we have to do now is actually take a look at them in the store and see if we still want to add them. It was getting a little overwhelming looking over all of the options that are out there – and I was only looking at Target.  It is so crazy to me how much stuff you need for a baby. I guess that is why you have baby showers to help out with the cost.

Hearing the Heartbeat Never Gets Old

We had an appointment this morning and everything seems to be good with the baby. The heartbeat was 150, which they said was normal. It is interesting how much it has fluctuated from the first time we heard it. The only issue the midwife found was that I need to gain more weight. She said that I have only gained a few pounds so far, and that being 17 weeks along I should have gained about 10 pounds. I didn’t think that was possible for how much I am eating now, but she said to eat more fatty foods like peanuts, eggs, and pizza. Yes… she said pizza. Hopefully at the next appointment I will have gained about 5-7 more pounds.

As you know from earlier posts we are planning on having a gender reveal party, and I have been pinning some pictures of food and cakes for the big day. A few of my friends agreed to make a cake for the party. Yay! If you are thinking of throwing one too I have included some pictures below.


17 weeks

gender cake

cute cake idea

gender cake 2

another cake idea

grey yellow gender

decorations and food

gender decorations

more decorations and food

Parents Visit

It was a nice change of pace this weekend with my parents in town. We really didn’t have anything planned other than to see a neighbor’s band play Saturday night, and it seemed to work out fine. We shopped a bit (to my husband’s dismay), but he was okay with it after he realized that it was my mom’s treat – I didn’t spend any money. We also went out to eat a lot. I don’t think my parents are used to seeing me eat so much. I told them they should have seen me during the first trimester :).

This weekend I gave up on my pregnancy pillow for now. I bought a more firm foam pillow from Costco today, and figured I will just put a pillow between my legs for support. Sometime this week I want to look for a body pillow. Hopefully having my new pillow will at least give me some relief from my neck pain.

I am really looking forward to our appointment on Wednesday. Can’t wait to hear the heartbeat again.

16 Weeks

I think my husband has been preparing more than I have this week. He has been sanding away at the two dressers that we will use in the nursery. I really appreciate all that he is doing, and can’t wait to see the finished project.

I, on the other hand, have just been trying to get a good night’s sleep while sleeping on my side. Even with the help of the pregnancy pillow I can’t seem to get comfortable enough. I have been waking up periodically at night, and when I finally do fall asleep I wake up with a stiff neck. During my yoga class last night the instructor told us that she took calcium magnesium pills and that really helped her sleep. When I have my appointment next week I will ask the midwife if I can try it out.

I have posted my 16 week picture below.


shirt from Zulily


Belly Rubs

I guess I must be showing now because during a neighbor’s Halloween Party last night I received belly touches from two people. The first guy congratulated me, and then proceeded to touch my belly. The second woman politely asked before rubbing. It was kind of odd having people I just met rubbing my belly. I am sure it will happen again – especially as my belly grows.

We are one step closer to starting the nursery. I have decided to go with grey and mint as the primary colors in the room. My husband will be painting two dressers grey, and the walls will be painted mint. I will probably add some yellow to the mix once we start looking for throw rugs and wall hangings. Here is where I found some of the inspiration for my color choices. What do you think?





Nursery 2



Nursery 3