Happy Halloween

I don’t know about the weather where you are, but the weather here is very rainy and in the 50’s. Poor trick-or-treaters have nasty weather again. We don’t usually get a lot of kids coming around, but we are ready with Kit-Kats and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (our favorites). Guess I better get the pumpkins ready. Happy Halloween!


The pumpkin on the left was not done by us. It was made by a neighbor of ours.


Growing Pains

My body has been growing over the past week. I keep getting these pains in my abdomen that make me stop what I am doing. I have been reading about it online and talking with some new moms who say that this is normal. I figured that with these pains, and my  growing stomach, I would be able to start wearing my maternity pants, but when I wore them on Sunday for book club I kept having to pull them up. I am not liking this in-between stage; it makes it really hard to find pants to wear.

If you are interested we read, “The Heroin Diaries”  by Nikki Sixx last month in book club.


dress Gap maternity and vest from Old Navy


sweater from the Boutique Truck, skirt from Target and vest from Nordstrom

Hunger Pains

Do you ever really want to sleep past eight but can’t because you are too hungry? Well that has been happening to me on the weekends when I can actually sleep in. It is really agitating especially after hosting a Halloween Party last night and not getting to bed until after midnight. I guess my body is just getting ready for early feedings.

More on the Halloween Party. I decided that I wanted to celebrate Halloween without dealing with a large crowd and the cold weather. So we decided to plan a costume party, and invite some close friends. We had some spooky snacks including a spider cheese ball, pumpkin patch cookies, Halloween snack mix, and a pumpkin veggie platter.  My husband even made a witches brew in a cauldron with dry ice. The party was a success, and I think everyone had a good time. If you are interested in the recipes  here they are.

Spider Cheese Ball: http://www.momendeavors.com/2011/10/spider-cheeseball-other-spookactular-halloween-fun-foods-with-olives.html


Pumpkin Patch Cookie Cupcakes: http://www.madiganmade.com/2012/10/halloween-pumpkin-treat-cookie-cupcake.html


Pumpkin Veggie Platter:



Halloween Snack Mix: http://www.thebudgetdiet.com/halloween-snack-mix


Witch’s Brew

Catching Up

What a great weekend we had. We were able to relax a bit and of course I baked a few things. On Saturday we decided to post our announcement photo on Facebook. I posted the picture below. It is nice that the news is finally out to everyone. I also did some catch up reading for book club that is this coming Sunday.

I was even a little crafty this weekend and put all of the baby cards together with 2 metal rings. That way when we get others at the showers I can add to it and maybe start a hope chest. Here are the 2 recipes that I made this weekend. Hope you enjoy!

Vanilla Greek Yogurt Muffins: http://www.voskos.com/recipes/breakfast/vanilla-greek-yogurt-muffins




Vanilla Greek Yogurt Pancakes:





Our Announcement Photo 🙂

A Little Pampering

Feeling much better now that I finally got my hair cut and colored. I hope that doesn’t sound vain, but sometimes you just need that boost to get you going. Now even my hair stylist knows that I am preggo. I guess we should post our announcement photo on Facebook – the adorable picture that our friend took a few weeks ago while we were apple and pumpkin picking.

We don’t have any plans this weekend, so I’m going to catch up on book club reading, and getting some more ideas for what I want to do with the nursery. Also, I really enjoyed yoga on Wednesday and want to keep taking the classes, so I will do that tomorrow. If you haven’t tried prenatal yoga I definitely recommend it.

More Relief

I had my 12 week appointment today, and it went well. At first I was nervous because it took the technician a few minutes to find the heartbeat. The midwife said that all seems to be well, and I verified with her that I was okay to do prenatal yoga. I am excited to start prenatal yoga tomorrow. I am hoping that I enjoy it and feel more relaxed and flexible after a few weeks.

I forgot to post all of the recipes that I made for the block party this past weekend. They  were really easy to make, and were delicious. I made apple cider cookies, http://bakingwithblondie.blogspot.com/2013/09/caramel-apple-cider-cookies.html?m=1, apple dumplings http://www.realmomrecipes.com/thanksgiving-apple-dumpling-recipe.html, and spinach artichoke bites http://recipesweet.net/spinach-artichoke-bites/. Enjoy!


First Block Party Success

What a great weekend we had. With the bowling birthday celebration on Friday, and then a very successful block party on Saturday with gorgeous weather. My husband is the neighborhood president, and he has been planning the block party for a few months now. I am glad that it worked out well, and that everyone had a great time.