28 Weeks

Things are beginning to get real. I had a dream last night that we went to the hospital but they sent us home because it wasn’t time yet. So my mind is constantly thinking about the baby, who we still need to find a name for. We have a few that we like, but we haven’t fallen in love with one yet. It is so hard to find the right name! Hopefully something soon will just pop up, and we will love it.

This past weekend, while we were trapped inside because of the snow, we put together the crib. Good news – I still like the way it looks :). Now we just have to get a mattress. I also think I made a decision on the a mobile. I am going to go non-traditional and get one that is homemade. I think it will be a good addition to the room. Here is a picture.

Also while browsing online through a few blogs I found a good list of ideas of what to wear after you deliver. This is something I really haven’t thought about. I am sure most days while on maternity leave I will be in yoga pants, but I am sure I will get sick of being inside and want to get out and take the baby for a ride. Here is the list of what she suggests as being good pieces to invest in for your postpartum style. I am sure that I will glance back at this soon.

Lastly here are some pictures of my style. Stay warm out there!


Rocking the pleather leggins


28 Weeks!


While hibernating this past weekend.




Dressing the bump

While sitting in my living room stuck inside today because of all snow, yay winter :(,  I am thinking about what to wear this upcoming week to work. I know I am a little crazy to try and plan out my outfits for the week but I am not a morning person (especially recently when I haven’t been sleeping through the night) and it makes it a lot easier to have an outfit already ready to go. As the weeks go by and the bump gets bigger it is getting harder to find shirts that are long enough to cover my growing belly. This is especially hard when your torso is already long. I have been searching out blogs and pinterest for some inspiration. Lately I have been wearing a lot of vests over plain long sleeve t-shirts and blazers (that don’t close) just to change it up. Also adding scarves and accessories to try and add a little something to plain t-shirts. Sometimes I think it might be nice to live in a maxi dress, but I would be a bit cold in Ohio in the winter. So for now I am going to layer up and try to make myself look presentable.

Here are a few outfits that I think I may try to put together with pieces that I already have in my closet.

27 Weeks

What can I say about 27 weeks? The baby has been moving around a bunch, which is really nice to feel and know he is still in there growing. What is not so nice is the constant back ache that I have had for the past week. I have tried stretching and went back to the maternity pillow, but nothing seems to be working. The next thing I am going to try is to get a pillow for my work chair. Hopefully this will give me some extra support where I need it. At the appointment on Monday I will also ask the doctor if she can recommend anything to ease the pain a bit.

Who knew putting together a laundry basket would be such a chore. A few weeks ago I bought a grey polka dotted laundry basket for the nursery, and I didn’t want to take it out until we had a place to put it. So after the carpet was installed yesterday I wanted to start clearing out the dinning room of all of the baby things that have been piling up. When I took it out of the packaging it looked simple enough but at first I didn’t see the holes to put the poles into. Tony couldn’t figure it out at first either. He was ready to have me take it back. Once it was put together it turned out nice, and I will find a permanent place for it once we move the furniture all back into the nursery. 

Here are some pictures of the growing bump. Sorry for the mess in the room.



26 Weeks

I freaked out a bit when updating one of our registries because it said that we had less than 100 days to go until my due date. How can that be possible? I just started feeling really pregnant the last few weeks, and now we only have a few months left. Where does the time go? We have a ton of things to get  done in the next 3 months. I think if I start making lists I might feel better about this. Good thing Tony is a very organized person because I feel that my baby brain is starting to kick in. If I don’t write something down or put it on the calender I probably won’t remember it.

There is no hiding my baby bump now. It is out in full force and some of my leggings are even getting too tight to wear. Time to get creative with putting outfits together. I also feel that I am beginning to waddle around a bit to compensate for my growing belly. Maybe that is why I feel so clumsy, and I have been dropping things because my center of gravity is changing. For the next few months I will have to be extra careful when walking around.

I just finished a great book last week. It is called The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. I definitely recommend it. It will have you guessing until the end.

Here is a picture of the baby bump. Thanks, Lisa, for the shirt!


26 Weeks

Kicking Away

This weekend was a pretty relaxing one. I was able to go to yoga on Saturday, and today we went to a baby shower for a neighbor of ours. Thank goodness for yoga. It has really helped me relax for a few hours, and it has made my lower back pain a lot better. I think as my stomach grows it will become even more essential to go to weekly classes.  After leaving the baby shower today it made me really excited for things to come. I am looking forward to finding out what my friends and family have in store for my showers.

Maybe this weekend was a little too relaxing because I wasn’t able to get anything done with the dressers. I had the best intentions of cleaning out the drawers and putting the drawer liners in. But I guess even after I did that we still aren’t able to move them from the basement until the carpet is installed. I will really try my best to get them done this coming weekend.

It is pretty amazing to feel the baby kicking. He seems to move the most around 8 every night. At some points he is kicking in two different places at one time. It is a relief to finally be feeling the baby, and I am looking forward to seeing his foot or hand push up against my stomach.

Dressing the bump…

IMG_20140110_172313_783 IMG_20140111_172545_950

25 Weeks

Brrr it has been a cold start to the week. It makes me wonder why we live in Ohio. Maybe someday we will move somewhere warm, but for now I will throw on some extra layers over my growing baby bump. The baby has been kicking a lot the last few days, and I have been waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, boo. I try not to drink so much before bed, but I’ve just been so thirsty. I blame it on the extremely dry air. We’ll see what tonight brings.

We finally made a decision on carpet for the nursery, and after they come this weekend to confirm the measurements it will be ordered on Monday. Hopefully it will be installed in about 2 weeks, and we can finally get the dressers and crib in the room. Speaking of the dressers, I ordered some knobs for the drawers that should hopefully arrive tomorrow. Once Tony puts them on I will post pictures.

This past weekend I was able to use my new Kitchen Aid Mixer, and I made some cookies. The cookies turned out very good, and they were a hit at my office. Here is the recipe if you are looking for something easy and yummy this week: http://www.passionforsavings.com/2013/12/mm-cookies-recipe/.


M&M cookies


25 weeks

Moving Along

This weekend my husband has been very busy finishing up the final touches on the nursery painting. He finished all the trim and doors, and he added the yellow circles on the accent wall. I love the way it turned out! When we went to get the paint I had a metallic gold color in mind, but Tony brought up a good point that it might look to mature for a nursery so we went with a brighter shade of yellow. I can’t wait to start planning what to decorate the walls with. We also ordered a storybook chair and ottoman. I had put it on my registry, but because they are made to order it will take about 12 weeks to arrive.  Things are starting to come together nicely. The next big thing we have to do is order carpet. Hopefully we will get around to doing that this week.


Accent wall in nursery

I have noticed that the flutters have become more obvious, and they have started to turn into noticeable kicks as the baby grows. Last night when the baby was really kicking Tony was able to feel some of the kicks. It was such a great feeling for us both to experience together. Only more to come. Can’t wait!

This morning I was really craving muffins for breakfast so I found a recipe in pinterest and made them. They turned out really moist and yummy, and they are fairly healthy too. Here is the link to the recipe if you are interested, http://blog.crosbys.com/healthy-blueberry-wheat-germ-muffins/. Enjoy!


Blueberry Wheat Germ Muffins