Owen Turns 2

The past few weeks have been pretty busy with travels to Pittsburgh and getting ready for Owen’s big bash. I decided on a barn/animal theme for Owen’s party since he loves going to the zoo and seeing all of the animals. I wanted to get a petting zoo, but Tony wasn’t into that idea. So instead we got one of our friends who does children’s entertainment. She had story time, balloon animals, and a hedgehog – Erica Entertainment was great!

To decorate for the party I made animal centerpieces, got red and white gingham table cloths, 2 bales of straw, plastic barn doors, and a bunch of balloons. I also ordered some animal cupcakes for the kids as well as goodie bags and stuffed animals.


IMG_20160416_135509564.jpgIMG_20160416_131957553.jpgIMG_20160416_132004354.jpgIMG_20160416_131819209 (1).jpg

We had the party at our house, which is always a gamble with weather and all. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day and everyone could enjoy being outside. About 30 adults and a dozen little ones came out to celebrate. The little ones enjoyed story time and balloon making. They were super excited when the hedgehog came out :).


Even though Owen won’t remember his party I think he had a good time celebrating with his friends and family.




Brew Adventure Tour

I got Tony 2 certificates for a Brew Adventure Tour for Christmas, and we finally got to use them. There were a few tours to choose from and Tony picked the tour in Grandview. We met at Smokehouse Brewery, and learned all about how the craft beer movement started in Columbus in the early 90’s. Then we were off to a newer, very small and hidden brewery, Sideswipe. The owner of Sideswipe gave us a tour and told us the story of how they got started. I love hearing people talk about what they’re passionate about. My favorite beer at Sideswipe (and the tour overall) was their Elegant Hoodlum Smoked Stout, which was smooth and delicious – perfect for a campfire drink. Next we went to Four String Brewery. At this stop we were pretty much on our own, and were given a few of their brews to try. Our last stop was at the Ohio Taproom. Here we sampled a few Ohio craft beers and even got some tiramisu. We had a great time and even met a few new friends along the way.

I’m not sure whose kid was sitting at our dinner table last night, but that kid was eating broccoli. I couldn’t believe it! I had to try my hardest not to make a big deal out of it. The only time Owen usually eats any vegetables is if it’s covered in cheese or disguised very well in something. Maybe when he bashed his head on the sink in daycare he forgot that he hates vegetables.

Owen always seems to be thirsty, usually for milk, but some of the time we can get away with water. When I went to pick him up from daycare on Tuesday his teacher was filling up his sippy at the small sinks that they have. He ran over to get it, tripped, and banged his head off the sink ledge. It made a horrible noise, and he immediately started to scream. Ugh! He was fine after he got his water and we put some ice on his head. I guess a bump a year isn’t bad.

Just a Trim

Just when I cleaned out my closet and put my sweaters away it snowed again. I am thinking that the groundhog was wrong this year. Spring has turned into winter, and I’m not a fan.


Stopping to smell the flowers

It was even snowing on Saturday night. Yuck! At least I didn’t feel bad not spending time outside this weekend while I did some spring cleaning. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will warm up for Owen’s party in a few weeks.


The end product of our pantry. It’s the first that we’ve seen the floor in over a year.

I took Owen for a quick haircut on Saturday at Cookie Cutters. They are so nice there, and accommodated us right when we walked in. While getting his haircut he sat in a fancy grey plane and watched Daniel Tiger. He was a champ and didn’t cry this time. I was a bit worried because a few other kids were screaming. Since he was so good at the end he got a token for a prize. I recommend checking them out if you live in the Columbus area.


Easter Re-cap

We had a great weekend in Pittsburgh visiting with old friends and family. On Easter we had brunch with family. It was a gorgeous day out. Kind of a bummer that we had to drive for most of the day though. At brunch Owen sampled everything that was on my plate, Tony’s plate, and my dad’s plate – he was loving it! I think he had about 4 cookies as well. For the brunch being over nap time he actually did really good. He even took his hands out of his mouth for a few pictures. Owen’s outfit is from Gap, other than the tie (which he kept on until we got home) that came with a shirt from Old Navy.



Owen got really spoiled with Easter goodies. He got an Easter basket from us, my mom, Tony’s mom, and one from his Aunt Kim. So much stuff! A lot more toys than food, which I can appreciate. Tony and I will take care of the candy :).


Who needs pants while searching for eggs? I got a few things for Owen’s 2nd birthday this weekend as well. I had some luck at Gymboree with some adorable clothes for pictures and the day of his party. I got this shirt to go with khakis or jeans the day of his party, and this shirt to go with these shorts for his pictures. Now I just need to get all of the decorations, goody bags, kids activities, and figure out the food.