ComFest Weekend

Owen can add ComFest to his list of firsts from this weekend. Well, I guess mommy can add it to his baby book. We had a great weekend hanging out, drinking, listening to music, and people watching. Of course it was hot and sticky, and we needed to walk quickly back to the cars because of a storm, but all in all a great weekend. Owen loved all the attention, and he looked adorable in his tie-dye onesie. He only had it on for a little while because he got hot so quickly, but it was a little big so he should be able to wear it again.

Speaking of growing, we had a “well visit” today at the doctor’s office, and Owen now weighs 13 lbs 1 ounce. I knew he has been feeling heavier and growing out of his clothes, but I didn’t think he was that heavy. The doctor said he is healthy, and that is all that matters. Owen had to get some shots, which was awful for us as parents to watch, but he only cried a little bit and forgot about them once we got him back in the car.

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Shh… He’s Sleeping

Ah, the times of the day when Owen finally goes down for a nap. This equals happy mommy. These times have been getting less and less as the days go by. I’ve read that this is normal as he gets older. He really tries to fight it too because he wants to know what is going on at all times. Once he is asleep he snores occasionally, and every once in a while he gets arm spasms where his arms go straight up. He puts on quite a show sometimes. I know I’ve heard people say that their baby sleeps through everything, and I don’t really get that. Maybe once he gets older this will be true, but now it seems that any little noise will wake him up. As all mommies know, once the baby is sleeping you have to get as much done as possible. I try to at least wash some bottles and get some laundry done, but with him still waking up for his 3am feeding, a nap is in order sometimes.

It was such a treat having my sister-in-law in last week. She was our nanny for a week, and it really let me get some me-time. During the week I was finally able to get some things done off of my to-do list. I cleaned the whole house, and was able to clean out my closet. I finally got to use the fancy velvet hangers that have been on the floor since my fifth month of pregnancy. My closet looks very neat now with the new thin hangers – I ordered more to finish the job. We also got some pampering done together. On Tuesday we both got our hair cut and highlighted. While we were at the salon I made the choice to get my hair chopped off. It is the shortest it has ever been, and I think it was a good move.  So far it is a lot easier to take care of and it takes some weight off my neck, which has been tense since before Owen. I also was able to get to the gym everyday and try to tone up and get rid of this baby weight. I still don’t fit into my shorts, but I am closer than I was a few weeks ago. I just need to keep working on it.

In other news, after searching, calling, and visiting daycares we finally have one set for when I go back to work. We got into one of the daycares that we wanted, but a different location. The opening is only for 4 days a week – so it isn’t a perfect situation, but it is better than what we had last week which was nothing. It is hard to believe that I am going to have to leave Owen and go back to work soon. At least we still have a few weeks together. I will have to make the most of it.

Here is an article from the Huffington Post that hit the nail on the head for me on becoming a new mom. Hope you enjoy it:





Relax Already

So it has been seven weeks now with our little man. He has grown so much already. I have started a pile of newborn clothes that he has already grown out of. He is now wearing size 0-3 months. I broke down and bought him a onsie with a tie and suspenders on it last week. I would say that holding out this long on buying clothes for him was pretty good for me because he is growing so much I might need to get him some sleepers too. We’ll have to take inventory and see what he has. When the nurse weighed him on Friday he was 10lbs 6oz which is almost a weight gain of 2lbs. I think he was going through a growth spurt last week because he was eating every 2 hours. I am hoping that it will slow down a bit this week.

About a week ago we introduced formula because breastfeeding has been really rough on my body. I have gotten infections, had to use a special ointment, and I was just not happy with how I was feeling. So after about 6 weeks I decided to reduce pumping and use formula. I have been pumping about every 5 hours and will start to spread it out more as the days go on to gradually to dry up my supply. Every day I am still feeling bad about it because breast is best, but I think that being a happy mother is more important.

It has been really nice having family in town the past few weekends. They love spending time with Owen, and it gives us a small break with the day to day duties that go along with having an infant around. We have been bringing Owen out to eat more and more, and I have realized that I have been on edge every time we do it. I don’t even sit back in my chair all the way. He really hasn’t been too bad, so I don’t know why I get so stressed, and I really need to learn to relax. I am thinking as time goes by I will get more relaxed and will maybe be able to enjoy myself more.

We are lucky enough to have a friend who is a great photographer, and she took some pictures of Owen this past weekend. The ones that I saw so far are adorable. In the next post I will share some of my favorites. Today, because the weather is going to be nice, I am going to attempt to bring Owen to a local mall. We’ll see how it goes.