Good Things

We’ve had a rough few weeks in our family so for this post I’m highlighting all of the fun times Owen has had with his friends this past weekend.

We were able to go into the kitchen of a local pizza place on Friday and see how they make their pizza. Owen was very excited to see the big pizza ovens, walk into the refrigerator, and sample all of the toppings, especially cheese his favorite.

On Saturday we had back to back birthday parties, which was tiring for mom and dad, but the best day ever for Owen. Owen loved running around the gym, playing/tackling his friends, bouncing around as well as singing them happy birthday, and of course enjoying the sweet treats.


Making Valentines

Oh, Pinterest. How you always have great ideas. I pin and I pin but I usually don’t make the crafts, but this week I actually did. Owen and I started making crayon hearts on a snowy Wednesday to recycle Owen’s old broken crayons. We’re making them for Owen’s preschool class. Shortly after we started I realized that we didn’t have enough crayons in the house to complete them all! Amazon to the rescue!.

If you are going to try this craft out, for Valentine’s Day or just a snowy day craft, here are a few things that I learned. You will want to get smaller silicone trays. I couldn’t pass up the ones that we got from Aldi because they were super cheap, but the hearts were a lot bigger than I would have wanted. Also peeling crayons is not fun. To speed the process along, throw the crayons in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes. It really helps! Also, Crayola brand crayons work best. So if you are crunched for time I would recommend spending the extra money.

Here are the directions if you want to try the craft:

I found the printable labels that I used here,