Zoo Lights

I know I said a few weeks ago that it is  a shame that Thanksgiving is a lost holiday, but we started the holiday season a little early last week. We went to see the Zoo Lights at the Columbus Zoo a day before it was open to the public because we are zoo members (along with the thousands of other local families). Other than it being less crowded the weather was fairly mild as well. It was a last  minute decision that worked out great.

Walking into the zoo Owen was gazing out from his stroller and kept pointing at the lights and saying “whoa”. It was adorable. He especially liked the light music shows that they had. There was a small one by the aquarium and a larger one closer to the entrance over the water.  He was dancing to the music. If the weather stays mild we might have to go back.


We finished up the freezer muffins that I made for Owen and I filled it back up with some blueberry and strawberry muffins this weekend. With the temperature dropping it is nice to have a quick warm breakfast option. I also made Apple Peanut Butter Oatmeal that seemed to be a hit this weekend. I am hoping to take some time out in the nest few weeks to make some Christmas cookies. We’ll see how that works out.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Stuck in the car

We recently took a trip to Pittsburgh to visit our families. As any parent knows, driving with a toddler can be so much fun. I know I’ve complained about it before, but it really stinks. I think it’s harder to deal with than just being at home because you are trapped and can’t go anywhere. When he gets agitated and nothing can calm him down time just seems to stop and I feel like jumping out the window. I try and be prepared with milk, snacks, toys, and games, but sometimes nothing seems to work. Side note, I am currently putting together some busy bags for Owen to throw in the diaper bag when we are out. I will post some pictures on Instagram soon.

My niece turned 4 this weekend, and we were able to celebrate her birthday while we were in Pittsburgh. All of our nieces and nephews live in Pittsburgh so it was great to see them all and to have Owen join the fun. I jump at the chance to buy girl clothes, and I got her an adorable outfit that I think she liked. I hope to see pictures of her wearing the outfit soon. We also went to a mall playground with Owen. He really enjoyed playing in it and sliding down the slides. I played helicopter mom and watched him really closely while he played.










On the way home this weekend I realized that Thanksgiving is next week and I freaked out a bit. I am not hosting, but I just keep thinking that we haven’t bought any Christmas gifts yet, and I don’t even have a list started. Ugh! I think that I’m stressing because I’ve seen Christmas decorations up for a few weeks now in stores, and I feel like I only have days before the holiday arrives. Maybe next year we can go on a trip and won’t have to worry about any gifts. Who is with me?


These are currently being sold at Macy’s. I think someone took the ugly sweater thing a bit to far.

Holiday time can be crazy, but I really look forward to spending time with family, relaxing a bit (hopefully), seeing Owen open his gifts, and enjoying all of the light and decorations. Speaking of decorations, how does one put a Christmas tree where a teepee currently sits? We really need a playroom! Our house is being taken over by a toddler :/.



Date Night

We finally did it! We went out for our combined birthday dinners. It has been a good month since either of our birthdays, but better late than never :).

Owen had one of his daycare teachers over to babysit. He was a bit confused when she showed up at our house, but shrugged off the confusion pretty quickly.

For our date we had dinner reservations at Lindey’s. If you are in the area I would recommend it. Everything was delicious down to the dessert. After dinner we walked to a nearby cocktail bar called Curio for a night cap, and then went home. – we were exhausted (we were home by 10). The life of a parent.

Yesterday, while walking into daycare Owen fell and hit his head on the curb :(. Tony does the daycare dropping off so I got the news via text. With some ice and calming down he seemed to be ok. Poor guy. His teachers said he was fine at daycare (after the fall), and he was fine last night and this morning. I am glad he is ok and that Tony was there when it happened.


Owen the morning after his fall


Tony captured our lunch with 2 toddlers perfectly. Jack was great, but Owen was crazy.


With Fall comes falling leaves. We (mostly Tony) raked them up this weekend. 

Other than falling and hitting his head Owen has been doing well. He still doesn’t sit down in the bathtub. As the water is falling over his face when we rinse his hair he spins in circles in the tub.  I guess that’s how he chooses to deal with stress. Also trying to brush his teeth is a 2 person job these days. He used to not hate it so much, but now even when we mention brushing he screams. Crazy toddler!

If you are looking for a quick read I just finished reading Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin.


I enjoyed reading it. It was interesting to see how people change depending on their surroundings. Just a heads up the ending is very sad.

Where did the daylight go?

Getting an extra hour of sleep is nice and all, but I hate that it gets dark so early. By the time Owen gets home from daycare it is pitch black and he doesn’t have time to play outside. I’ve been making sure that dinner is ready right when they get home so that he can forget about the idea of going outside. So far so good.

Now that the Halloween decorations are down, and Owen is back to being a blonde (we sprayed his hair white for his costume) we can start thinking about the next holidays coming up. To be honest I really enjoy seeing family but hate traveling, especially with Owen. Though we did move away from most of our family so I guess we need to suck it up and do it. With the holidays also comes gift buying. I have to say that I used to go shopping in the stores, but in the past few years I really try to get the majority of my gifts online. That means that I need to plan ahead. Unless everything we get is on Amazon Prime :).

Owen is getting really sassy lately. He has been babbling a ton, and he is starting to show his personality – which is of course “do it my way or no way”. I am sure that is pretty common for 18 month olds. He is really particular with putting things away, and he has started to play more independently. He also grew a full size in shoes. So now the search is on for 6W. This is turning out to be fairly hard if you don’t want to pay regular price for a pair of shoes that he most likely will wear for no more than 3 months. Anyone have ideas on where I can look?

Speaking of shoes I jut ordered these for myself with a birthday gift card that I finally got around to using. It would be great if we only had to worry about rain, but I think the snow will be here soon enough. At least I will have cute boots to wear.

I leave you with a few photos from an afternoon at a neighborhood brewery :). Yes we bring our kids. Thank you Lineage Brewery for allowing kids. IMG_20151031_171319129