Christmas Fun

We were off to Pittsburgh for the first time in the new car, which is key because we had so many gifts and desserts to bring with us that the back of the car was totally full. I really didn’t think we could fit more than we did on the way there, but I was wrong. Our family and friends were so generous that we came back with more than we came in with. Not to mention we had to fit a new crib, full-length mirror, and lamp that we bought from Ikea. We had originally planned to get the crib from Target, but I realized a few weeks ago that it wasn’t available anymore. So after reading some reviews online we decided to get the Sundvik crib in gray/brown from Ikea. It is a smaller crib, but I think it will fit well in the nursery. We also got a simple lamp for the changing table. Hopefully we will be able to order carpet and get the furniture in the room soon because we are starting to get a collection of goodies for the baby boy.

Usually when we are back in Pittsburgh every minute is planned out, but this trip was less structured. It was nice to be able to sleep in for a change during the holiday break, and even enjoy some of the city in our free time. We went to the Mattress Factory on Thursday, and enjoyed looking at the contemporary art on display. Later in the week we ate at the Industry Public House with family. If you are ever in Pittsburgh I recommend checking both out.

Tony dressed up as Santa again for Christmas this year, and almost all the kids were excited to see him. Halfway through the night at my parents house he showed up with the gifts that Santa “forgot” to leave that morning. All of the adults got a good laugh, and he was a really good sport about it. I think in a few years we may need someone else to dress up because by then our son will be able to recognize him. On Saturday we went to my in-laws open house and caught up with friends and family. Just like in years past we all sang the 12 days of Christmas. It is always a good time.

As much as I enjoyed being in town it is nice to finally be back home. At 23 weeks I really don’t have many complaints other than getting woken up by leg cramps the last few nights. They aren’t like the cramps that I have gotten before. They seem to be more intense and they go from my foot all the way up to my quad. When they happen I just try and relax as much as I can and stretch it out. I will have to make sure to get some bananas tomorrow when we go to the grocery store. Maybe I will ask the doctor what steps I can take to avoid getting these when I’m at my appointment tomorrow.


Tony posing with my mom while wearing one of her old ugly Christmas sweaters


Getting into the Holiday Spirit

We are finally officially done with Christmas shopping and wrapping. Thank goodness! Even though our living room looks like a Santa’s workshop exploded, we can finally relax and enjoy the holiday. One day of work and one cherry pie to bake, and then we will be off to celebrate Christmas with family. I don’t know why I was so stressed out this year about shopping. Just being out shopping with the crowds of people and the traffic got to me more this year than in years past. Probably because I am constantly hungry and in need of a bathroom. Next year I am really going to try and buy all of our gifts online.

After missing yoga for a few weeks I was finally able to go yesterday, and I wasn’t the smallest one in the class anymore. I think the baby likes yoga class because yesterday during yoga I felt a few flutters. It is hard to believe that I am more than halfway through my pregnancy. I am getting a bit nervous about all of the things that still need to be done, and I’m having this really strong urge to organize the nursery. I just can’t wait to put things in drawers. The nursery still has quite a bit of work remaining. Tony still needs to finish painting the floorboards and stenciling, and we need to get new carpet. Ugh! It will all get done. I just need to be more patient.


All set to finish up the Christmas shopping

Little Flutters

Finally, a few days ago I felt little flutters in my stomach. They almost feel like a popping sensation, or a rubber band flick. It is hard to describe, but every once in a while they will happen and it puts a smile on my face. I’ve heard that later on in the pregnancy the baby will be moving around a whole lot when you’re trying to sleep. I guess it is to prepare you for sleepless nights that are in the near future.

This past weekend was full of holiday parties and shopping. We are very close to having all of our Christmas shopping done, and we hope to wrap it up this weekend. It was nice to spend some time with our neighbors at the annual progressive dinner neighborhood party. On Sunday we had a secret Santa gift exchange, and I ended up with pacifier mustache attachments and a 4 pack of Kentucky Bourbon Ale. I’ll have to save that for later.

I thought it was hard getting dressed when I could button my pants – boy I was wrong! The belly band is helping, but I am just not totally comfortable in it. It’s also really hard to find shirts that are long enough to cover it. I am guessing that in the next few weeks I will start to fill out the few pairs of maternity pants I have. Maybe Santa will bring me some new clothes.


A special treat that I got while on a work dinner. It was delicious.


21 weeks

In Between

The belly band has really come in handy the last few days. In case you aren’t sure what a belly band is it is a knit band that goes over your pants so that your pants can remain unbuttoned. It really helps when you are still too big for maternity pants, but you need something to wear other than leggings. The only hard part for me is that I need to wear longer shirts that will cover most of the band, which is hard to do when you have a long torso like me. I think in the next week or two I will be able to fit comfortably into maternity pants.

Tony is getting really close to starting the circle stencils to put on the nursery wall.  Hopefully next week I will be able to pick out a few paint colors and let him be creative with it. Now that I know we are having a boy I need to pick out some knobs for the dressers, but before I get ahead of myself I need do some Christmas shopping. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am not into it this year. It might be because I would rather be doing something to get ready for the baby. How is your Christmas shopping going?


Sporting the belly band at 21 weeks

Oh Boy!

Yay, we found out last night during the gender reveal party that we are going to have a boy! I was so surprised when we cut the cake and blue M&M’s came out. My husband was on team blue and he was right. We are so excited to finally know.

The party was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed plenty of sweet treats. I made chocolate covered pretzels and cupcakes, and my friend that traveled in to town just for the party made delicious chocolate covered strawberries. Of course we can’t  forget the cake. The cake had mint and yellow icing with lemon flavored cake on the inside and said, “What does the fox say”.  It was perfect. Thank you so much for everyone that came and made the night so special.

Here are a few pictures from the party.


Sweet treats for guests to enjoy


Mustache and bow straws, and chalkboard for votes

48-IMG_1345 (1)

Homemade “boy or girl” banner


We’re having a boy!




Half Way There

I can’t believe that I am 20 weeks already. The time has gone by so fast! We still have a bunch of things to get done, but we are getting there. The nursery has a new coat of paint on the walls (thanks to Tony). Now we just need to figure out the stenciling and carpet. I have also made and sent out shower lists to my gracious planners, and I am getting things together for the big reveal party on Saturday. Yay! Can’t wait!

Here is a picture of my bump at 20 weeks…


20 Weeks

Just Like the Movies

During the second and final ultrasound today I felt like I was watching a movie. In the movies you usually only see the second ultrasound appointment where the doctor puts the jelly on your stomach, and then views the baby on the screen. We were able to see that the baby had his/her legs crossed, and had his/her hands tucked under his/her chin. It was pretty cute and a huge change from the first ultrasound.

I delivered the envelope today to a friend who will be making the cake for Saturday’s big reveal. I plan on keeping myself really busy the rest of the week in order to try not pester her on the results. It will be a challenge, but we will know soon enough.