Easter Re-cap

We had a great weekend in Pittsburgh visiting with old friends and family. On Easter we had brunch with family. It was a gorgeous day out. Kind of a bummer that we had to drive for most of the day though. At brunch Owen sampled everything that was on my plate, Tony’s plate, and my dad’s plate – he was loving it! I think he had about 4 cookies as well. For the brunch being over nap time he actually did really good. He even took his hands out of his mouth for a few pictures. Owen’s outfit is from Gap, other than the tie (which he kept on until we got home) that came with a shirt from Old Navy.



Owen got really spoiled with Easter goodies. He got an Easter basket from us, my mom, Tony’s mom, and one from his Aunt Kim. So much stuff! A lot more toys than food, which I can appreciate. Tony and I will take care of the candy :).


Who needs pants while searching for eggs? I got a few things for Owen’s 2nd birthday this weekend as well. I had some luck at Gymboree with some adorable clothes for pictures and the day of his party. I got this shirt to go with khakis or jeans the day of his party, and this shirt to go with these shorts for his pictures. Now I just need to get all of the decorations, goody bags, kids activities, and figure out the food.


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