Sick Days

This past week has been a struggle for our little family. Before I go any further I just want to warn readers that if you don’t have a strong stomach you might want to skip this post. It isn’t too descriptive, but just in case.

It all started when Owen woke up Wednesday night crying with a dinner deposit in his crib. After we got him and his crib cleaned up he slept through the night and seemed to be feeling alright the next morning. So we figured that maybe something he ate that day just didn’t agree with him, but then a little later that morning I got the call from daycare that he wasn’t feeling well and that a stomach bug was going around – just what you want to hear when you get called away from work :/.

I picked up Owen, and he got sick in the car on the way home. I could tell what he ate that morning by reading my carseat (rather than the sheet that daycare provides) – Ugh. Once I got him cleaned up I put him back in his crib where he napped on and off pretty much the rest of the day. Surprisingly he still continued to smile and eat, and he never showed signs of a fever. Later that evening he did get sick in the crib again so we decided to keep him home from daycare on Friday. Throughout the weekend he got worse, and he eventually got both of us sick too. Ours only lasted 24 hours, but he is still sick 5 days later. We took him to the doctor yesterday where the doctor told us that we are doing all that we can for now, and that if he continued to vomit the next day or two then we should take a urine sample to check for a possible infection. Though I had hoped to avoid the at-home infant urine sample, we decided give it a try after he vomited again today. Perhaps that’s a story for another time.

On a happier note, I saw that a tooth had finally poked through his bottom gum last night.


9 Months Old

Owen was really whiny on Sunday, and he actually chewed on some teethers. This has never happened before so I figured for his 9 month birthday on Monday he would have some teeth poking out. No luck yet. I think he is going to feel a ton better once he gets some. At least it isn’t slowing him down from eating. Over the weekend I was able to make some mini spaghetti cups that I put in cupcake liners and froze. It is easy to take them out of the freezer and then heat up – and if he isn’t feeling them then we can always eat them. I have been making some kind of vegetable to go with them too. Here is the recipe if you are interested:

I also made Oatmeal Craisin Breakfast Cookies that were super easy and somewhat healthy. I was going to let Owen try them, but realized later that there is honey in them and even if its cooked babies shouldn’t have it. More for us :). I think I will try and make some more this weekend. Here is that recipe if you want something sweet to eat.


Cheesin for his close up 🙂










It may be odd that we’re looking for a swimsuit for Owen (especially since there is snow on the ground), but we just signed up Owen for swim lessons that start next month. It is really important for Owen to feel comfortable in the water and for him to know how to swim. The class is only a half an hour long, and we will be in the pool with him. Let’s hope that he gets something out of it and will be ready for the pool this summer :).


Healthy Little Man

While walking through the baby section at Target earlier this week getting baby things (like I pretty much do every other day) something I said while I was pregnant with Owen came to mind. I remember walking through the diaper aisle and saying to my mom, “I can’t believe how big some of the diapers are” and “by the time my child is in size 5 diapers he will be ready to be potty trained.” Funny thing, Owen is now in size 5 diapers, and he is far way off from being potty trained – and I feel fine with that. It’s funny how you have no idea what you are getting yourself into with having a child. You learn new things all the time.

Owen had his 9 month well visit Friday, and he is doing well. No shots this time! Though he wasn’t too happy when the doctor put him on his back to check his ears. I think that is the main difference from his 6 month check. These days he just doesn’t enjoy being on his back. He is in the 95th percentile in weight at 23lbs 9oz, and 90th percentile in height at 29”. I am thinking once he starts moving around he will lose some of his squishy rolls. I will have to get my squeezes in now before they disappear.

Speaking of squishy, we have been throwing around the idea of getting rid of our glass coffee table and getting a more baby friendly one. Possibly one that can be used as an ottoman and table. We haven’t done much research yet, but I know this style of table exists. We just need to browse around and see what works for us.

One last thing, I am very lucky to have a patient husband. He is particulary patient when it come to me and directions. I am really bad with reading a map or even following phone directions. I read this article that kind of described how things play out sometimes although the roles are reversed. Hope you enjoy it.

Out with the old – in with the new

My new mantra this year is to get rid of all the things that we have laying around (including clothes in my closet), and trying to de-clutter a bit. Now that I’ve written it, it seems like a really cliche goal, but it’s a good one so I am hoping that we actually follow through and keep it up throughout the year. Our house seems to be bursting at the seams with all of Owen’s new toys from Christmas. Some of them we haven’t even opened, and are now in his closet room. I think once he gets bored of his current toys we will open them.

Tony bought a few plastic storage bins and has been working on replacing all our cardboard boxes in the basement. We have also unloaded all of the toys and clothes that Owen has grown out of and posted them on a local site to see what will sell. It was amazing to see everything out of the bin and laid out on the dinning room table. I can’t believe how fast he is growing!  I now have a mini-consignment sale in my dinning room.







On New Year’s Day I went to see the movie Wild. The movie is based off of a true story that has been written as a book, and I recommend seeing it even if you haven’t read the book. Remember to bring your Kleenex – it is a tearjerker. I am also almost done reading Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham, and I am not sure what I think about. Maybe once book club has met at the end of the month I will post more about it.

Owen is almost 9 months old, and he still has zero teeth :(. It doesn’t seem to be holding him back from eating thought. He has been eating the normal menu at daycare. They have been just cutting/breaking everything into really small pieces for him. So I think we need to finish what baby food we have and start feeding him more big-boy foods. He has his nine month well visit next week, and we will verify with the doctor how to go about feeding him normal food and go from there. I guess we are going to have to really plan meals out from now on.

Stay warm everyone.


Footprints in the snow





So long, 2014

Bye bye, holiday season. It has been a crazy and fun one, but deep down I am glad to get back to normal. We took down the decorations yesterday and now the living room looks bare. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the Christmas lights, but it is nice to have more room for Owen to play once again. I think I will need to re-decorate a bit this weekend, and I hope to get a start on our corner photo wall. We also plan on getting rid of all of the cardboard boxes and transferring all the decorations to plastic containers. Maybe I will even get to clean out my closet. It is a mess, and I am sick of it feeling clogged up. It seems when I try to pick out an outfit 10 things fall off of the shelves.

New Year’s Eve has really changed from years past – when we didn’t have to worry about bedtimes or feeding anyone but ourselves. One thing big thing that has changed is that I no longer freak out about before is having a mysterious stain on my shirt. Just the other day Tony pointed out a brown stain on the side of my pajamas, and I calmly changed my outfit, and that was that. So don’t sweat a little poo in the new year. That sounds like a good resolution to me :). We had some friends over with their babies, and it got a little crazy at times. We both realized that we need a bigger house in order to comfortably entertain. There just isn’t enough room in the living room to relax and have the kids play – especially with a 7 foot tree. We ended up tripping over each other at times. Maybe just a play room would work. We were lucky enough to have Owen fall asleep around 9pm, and we even stayed up to see the ball drop – but we never opened the champagne. I am sure we’ll find another excuse to drink it in the new year.

Here’s to a healthy and fun new year!