Friends and Family

Does any other parent think it’s really creepy when your child stares at the monitor camera before falling asleep and you see their glowing eyes? That is what Owen seems to be doing lately. It’s so weird, and I am kind of surprised he is just sitting silently in his crib. Too tired to cry maybe? I am guessing in about 5 minutes his head will hit the Dr. Seuss pillow and he will be out. He has slept with a pillow for a few weeks now and he seems to like the extra comfiness in his crib. He also has about 10 of his stuffed friends to keep him company while he drifts off to dreamland.

We had family in town this past weekend, and the weather was perfect. We went out to dinner at the Iron Grill with friends and family on Friday night. It was especially nice to eat out with friends that also have a kid because they realize that your conversation is going to get interrupted repeatedly, and that you might just need to get up and walk around to put the toddler at ease. The kids didn’t do too bad even after we were still chatting past their bed times.


Owen and his girlfriend Madison

On Saturday we planned to go to a splash pad, but the weather in the morning was a bit too cold. So we decided to walk around Whetstone Park instead. Owen was able to ride the swings, feed some ducks, and chase after dogs. He really, really loves dogs! After eating at Harvest, a local pizza shop, Owen was ready for a nap. Boy did he nap – it lasted almost 3 hours! So the girls took the time to go shopping at Easton :). It was a perfect day for an outdoor mall. Thanks for cooperating, Owen.

Sunday was warmer, and we took advantage of it by going to the Bicentennial Park splash pad in the afternoon. To our surprise it wasn’t as crowded as the last time we went. Owen enjoyed getting splashed and playing with the water. He even made some friends.


Playing in the pool



Carousel Ride

Last night Owen was so happy laughing and pretending to read books and then all of the sudden he started to lay his head down on his blanket. So I decided that it was close enough to his bedtime that I would put him in his crib and read to him from there. As soon as I set him down he went crazy! He started to stand up and scream. Does this happen to other parents of toddlers? Very odd. After a few minutes of screaming I decided that it would be best to leave the room. I knew he was fine. He was fed and changed – plus I could watch him on the monitor. In less than 5 minutes (even though it seemed a lot longer) he fell asleep. Phew! At least he is sleeping through the night. I would almost rather get another cavity filled :/.

I’m not sure if the cavity that I got filled last week was really deep or if I’m just getting old, but the pain has been long lasting and difficult to deal with. I’ve had 2 cavities filled in the past, and I don’t remember them hurting as much as this one. Once the Novocaine shot wore off I was in so much pain that I had to leave work. It was awful. Even a few days later it was still sore. I think I will have to keep these stories to myself when Owen starts going to the dentist in a few years. It looks like he has a molar coming in. At least that’s what I think I see during the brief moments I can see into his mouth before he shoves food into it. I think it might have broken through during the last part of our vacation.

Now for the fun stuff :). I remember when I was young and I could go on any ride without feeling sick. Well those days are long gone. We went to a food truck festival on Saturday, which was at the Columbus Commons. The commons has a carousel ride that was free during the festival. Owen seemed very interested while watching the other kids go around so we decided to give it a try. I chose to ride it while Tony watched and attempted to take pictures. We picked an elephant to ride, and once I sat him down he knew to put his hands on the bar and to hold on. I was a little nervous once the ride started that I might get sick, but all was well and when the ride stopped Owen was signing, “more, more”. He was not happy when he found out that we needed to get off. I am looking forward to when we can go to a park and ride the rides.


Carousel Ride

More Baby Proofing

Owen is becoming more adventurous these days. Even more than he had been. He is now realizing that he can climb on things and lift things like toilet seats. So last week we ordered another baby gate for the bottom of the stairs and a toilet seat lock because we live in an older house where you can’t fully shut all of the doors :/. The baby gate has been working nicely (as long as I remember to close it), and Owen doesn’t seem to mind the new restriction. We still need to install the toilet seat lock, but so far nothing unexpected has been flushed down the toilet (that we know of).

This past weekend we had nothing special planned, and the weather was beautiful. So on Saturday we woke up and went to the zoo. We checked out the petting zoo first where Owen chased all the goats around and “petted” them, which looks more like it-tag than petting. He likes to pet things by taping them with 2 fingers, but the goats don’t seem to mind. Then we spent some time in the aquarium. I think he could spend all day watching the fish swim around. He doesn’t seem to get bored with them. We had planned to do the boat ride at the zoo, but after watching a few people we decided that Owen was still a bit young to enjoy it. Next time we visit the zoo we want to check out the smaller playground by the polar bears. On Sunday we played outside with the water table and pool.

15 - 6

Waiting for our lunh


Doing some light reading on his rocking chair


Keeping busy at 101 Beer Kitchen











We even had time to start planning a weekend away. The plans are still in the works, but I believe we decided to go to Chicago. Surprisingly we’ve never been. I’m excited to start making an itinerary! One last note, the other day while at Kroger I saw a Halloween witch towering over pumpkin beer and I got really excited for Fall. My favorite season. Yay fall!

Family Vacation

We are feeling so relaxed after our vacation to Myrtle Beach last week. Oh wait, no we actually aren’t feeling relaxed at all because we have a toddler :/. We might have to try and take a mini adult vacation at some point. I dream about taking a nanny on vacation, but I think I will keep on dreaming. At least we weren’t working and we had beautiful weather.

Owen had a good time on vacation. He really enjoyed the ocean! He wasn’t sure about the sand and waves at first, but once he felt them and got closer he plopped down in the sand and kept signing “more, more” for the waves. He had plenty of sand in his diaper, which didn’t seem to bother him until later in the week when he got a rash. One of my favorite nights on vacation was the first night at dinner. We went to a taco place called Nacho Hippo that was quite tasty and of course Owen was flirting with the waitress. So towards the end of the meal she gave him a small stuffed hippo. The hippo is kind of their mascot at the restaurant. It made him so happy to have that hippo. Needless to say the waitress got a good tip.

There were a few times when we were able to relax a bit. We had the family watch Owen while we went to out to dinner, twice, and enjoyed (the always crowded) the lazy river. So I don’t mean to be a downer I just wish vacation still meant relaxing.


It was a very long car ride. Where many cheerios were eaten/ thrown about.

I have been to Myrtle Beach a ton of times, but this time I was able to check out a few new things. We were staying farther south than I ever had before, which was close to Murrells Intel. It is an adorable little town that has some good restaurants and some shopping. Tony and I had a date night and enjoyed some good seafood and a bottle of wine. Another night we checked out a distillery and winery. Does it make us bad parents if Owen was there? The distillery was called Palmetto Distillery. They make legal moonshine, which after sampling some of it I have to say that I am a fan. Then we went on to the winery. We did some wine tasting at Duplin Winery. If you are a fan of sweet wine this place is for you. Wow! It was so sweet! Pretty much the equivalent of sweet tea made into a wine. It was too sweet for Tony and me, but I did pick up some wine lip gloss. Yup that is a thing.


Owen lounging at the winery


Living the beach life 🙂

Not sure if next year we will go back to Myrtle Beach. It is a great place for families, but the drive is so long. I know we probably won’t stay in south Myrtle again. It was too crowded for me. We’ll see what the next few months brings. Who knows maybe we can do a long weekend away somewhere.