Christmas Recap

This Christmas was the most fun with Owen so far, plus being in our own house for Christmas morning was so nice. He is starting to get to know that Santa brings the presents and he loves all the lights. We made cookies last week for Santa, and had to make sure to put them out on Christmas Eve along with some carrots for the reindeer. He was surprised when we woke up on Christmas morning to see that the snacks were gone. Next year I will have to remember to leave the milk cup out instead of putting it in the dishwasher.

Hosting Christmas Eve worked out very well. Everyone had a good time and Santa even showed up. On Christmas day, after opening his presents, Owen got to spend time with all of his cousins. They had a ton of fun running around and being really loud. You can tell he is the second from the youngest because I always find bruises on him the day after playing with his cousins. Until next year, Christmas. We had a blast!



Christmas Time

Our oven has gotten a workout this week. Between cooking 12 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange, and 3 pies today, I’d say I’m in the mood for more savory things. I’ve had so many cookies the last few days. I’m looking forward to all of the fish and carbs that we’ll have tomorrow.


The house is all decorated for Christmas, and we’ve even unpacked the last 2 boxes we’ve had in the dining room since we moved in. Now we are all set for tomorrow night’s Christmas Eve dinner.


If you are looking for something yummy to make for Christmas morning, here is a Candy Cane Cream Cheese Danish. 

Merry Christmas!


Some Crafts and Santa

The past few days have been super cold, and staying inside made the most sense. Keeping Owen occupied and limiting TV is always a challenge. A few weeks ago we went to Michael’s and got a few busy activities. We got one of those felt coloring sheets, pom poms, and a canvas and paint. He was very excited to be able to use some markers and had fun using his tongs to pinch the pom poms and put them in a bowl. Next week I want to make something with the canvas, but it will require paint so some defensive planning is required.

In the past few weeks Owen was able to visit with Santa 3 times. He did pretty well each time because he saw the treats that he was going to get and he kept his eye on that. I don’t think he understands that he can tell Santa what he wants yet. When I ask him what he wants he says dinosaurs. Hopefully he will enjoy the bounce house that we got him. Bye bye sitting room.

‘Tis the Season for Ugly Sweaters

Everyone loves an ugly Christmas sweater this time of year – especially one you can eat. A few weeks ago I found an ugly sweater cookie cutout and had to have it. It worked perfectly for a family cookie decorating afternoon. The cookies were big enough to get a nice design on them or just a ton of icing (that worked for Owen). This time of year it’s so much fun to share baking with others.