Halloween Fun

This year Halloween has been the most fun for us with Owen. He has been so excited to do everything having to do with Halloween. Decorating the house, carving the pumpkins, dressing up, and doing fun crafts. He had a parade at school to celebrate Halloween, and although it only lasted about 5 minutes, it was adorable. I think he might be a little disappointed when we tell him that the next holiday doesn’t involve candy.



3 1/2

We now officially have a 3 1/2 year old. He is really good at throwing tantrums and letting you know what he doesn’t want. He enjoys helping cook dinner, but not cleaning up his toys. During school his teachers say that he is a good listener and plays with others well. It’s funny how he takes naps at school but not at home, and he never has an accident at school but at home it happens a lot. His favorite phrase is, “Holy Heck” and he has been asking if it’s Halloween yet pretty much every morning.

DSC_0399 - Edited


Toddler Soccer

Last year Owen really did well with soccer so we signed him up again for this fall season. The only difference was that this year he would be the youngest. The first week was challenging for him. He was getting very distracted and frustrated. This led to us being upset and stressed too. By the second week, he was doing much better. Fast-forward a few weeks and he still wasn’t enjoying it. Last night started out rough with Owen just not wanting to participate, but after a few minutes of whining Tony was able to convince him to keep playing.

At the end of every practice, they play a mini-scrimmage. I think Owens favorite part of it is that he gets to wear a pinny. He gets so excited when he gets to touch the ball. He, like many of the kids, doesn’t really even understand what they are supposed to be doing. So it’s basically a hive of bees running around. After all the stress it is great to see him smile. There are only 2 more weeks left in the season, and he will have a new coach. I’m hoping that they go smoothly and without any tears.


Wet undies and Trains

Owen is so different when he is at school vs. home. At school, the teachers say that he listens and he never has a bathroom accident – he even takes a nap. At home, well, you know the drill. I sound like a broken record asking him if he needs to pee every hour and forcing him on the potty. I hate doing it, but he has multiple wet underwears every day. We’ve taken away TV on days that he wets himself, and we’ve given him timeouts because he doesn’t listen. Is there anything parents can suggest that might help. It is getting really old.

Other than peeing in his pants, Owen is growing more and more every day, and during a meetup yesterday he rode the Mars Shortline Train all by himself. I think he could have stayed there all day if I let him. He also likes to say, “holy heck” and “privacy please” when he needs to poo. Oh boy, he might drive us crazy most days, but he does have his cute moments too.