Last Minute Fun

Sometimes Owen and I can really enjoy each other’s company; other times he slaps me in the face. Owen slapped me in the face today because I wanted to go out to get Owen new sheets for his big boy bed. He apparently didn’t like that idea. I walked away and let him have time to cool off then I talked with him to let him know that what he did really hurt me, and he eventually apologized. As punishment I took away TV privileges for the rest of the day.  It’s funny how a good day can take a horrible turn.

Anyway, we did have a pretty good day on Wednesday. We joined some friends and picked strawberries at Soergels (a local farm). It was a nice last minute event that wasn’t super crowded and Owen got to play with friends. After taking a tractor ride up to the strawberry field we were able to pick some strawberries. Owen was good at picking out where the good ones were, but he really wasn’t into actually picking any. After filling up our bag we loaded back on the tractor and paid for our berries. Other than Owen refusing to take pictures he did pretty good.