Bad Timing

We’re not sure about a lot of things for the move to Pittsburgh, but we are sure that we are moving in 18 days. One small thing that we aren’t sure about yet is where to get Owen’s hair cut once we move. We’ve gone to Cookie Cutters here in Columbus, and he usually has a good time and enjoys being able to play in the play place or watch TV while getting his hair cut. This past weekend I took him for one last Columbus haircut, but it was a little crazy. We showed up about half an hour after they opened on Saturday morning hoping to get his hair cut. The place was insane. Because we didn’t have an appointment we had to wait until somebody with an appointment didn’t show up. So we waited about half an hour, and then finally left. Mommy fail :/. We have an appointment scheduled for this weekend.

He still looks adorable with his long hair :).


On Sunday we made a quick trip to the North Market to get the best waffles. It definitely took me longer to wait in line than it did to eat the waffle, but it was worth it. If you are ever in Columbus you should check out the North Market and get a waffle or two at the Taste Of Belgium, and (though we didn’t get any this time) you should try Jeni’s Ice Cream too.









Life is Good

Life is good. I’m so thankful for our little family. We had a great time last weekend celebrating Mother’s Day. Since we’ll be moving back to Pittsburgh soon (more on that later) we want to get some things in that we’ve never done and visit places that we enjoy. On Saturday we traveled up the street to the Worthington Farmer’s Market. Like I’ve said before, we live in a great location – right between 2 great farmers markets. It gets really crowded. Since we are usually up fairly early we got there shortly after it opened. Once we got settled and started to walk around Owen spotted a garbage truck. This was the coolest thing ever (at the moment) for him! He was super excited, and had to watch it back up and dump the garbage out. Oh toddler boys :). Owen is loving trucks right now. After the garbage truck drove away he was all about the dogs walking around. I think he could have walked around there all day and just smiled at the dogs.


Our next stop was the Franklin Park Conservatory. We’ve never been before, and we wanted to make sure that we got to see it before we moved. My favorite part of it was all of the butterflies. Owen was able to get really close to some of them. He also loved all the stairs, fish, and waterfalls. I’m glad that we were able to get there while we are still in town.


Now it was time for lunch. We decided to stay in the Bexley area for lunch, and we ate at C’est Si Bon Cafe. They had delicious crepes, but it did take a bit for our order to arrive. While we were waiting we stopped next door to a shop called Urban Emporium. It was an adorable little shop, and I ended up getting a Made in Ohio shirt for Owen :). After our bellies were pretty full we stopped at Graters for some ice cream. Owen got his own cup and very much enjoyed it. He doesn’t get ice cream very often so this was a special treat.


For Mother’s Day we stayed in for breakfast, and Tony made some crepes. They were good, and it was a nice treat to not have to think about breakfast. Then in the early afternoon I went on a nice run and I realized that my shoes are getting a little worn. I think I’ve had them for about 2 years, but I am only a casual runner and I haven’t done any races in a while. So Tony watched Owen while I went out to get a new pair of running shoes from FrontRunner.

Everyone knows that moms like beer, well at least most of the moms I know do. One of our favorite breweries is Rockmill Brewery. Their beer is Belgian style, and the brewery sits on a nice plot of land that kids can roam around without bothering the other patrons. You can also bring your own food. We went on Sunday afternoon, and to our surprise it wasn’t that crowded. Other than it being a bit chilly outside, it was a nice time to enjoy some drinks and snacks. Owen even got to pet their cat.

IMG_20160508_170929365 (1)



Mommy and me muffin time at Daycare


Last Sunday was a day for walking. We walked to lunch and through the woods. We are very lucky with the location of our home. We are able to get to the city very quickly, and we are able to take a walk in the woods if we so please. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a huge outdoors fan (unless I have a drink in hand 😉 ), but having a son makes me a little more adventurous.


On Sunday after dinner the weather was on our side and we took a short stroll through the  woods to the river. Owen loved exploring and pointing out the flowers, ducks, toads, and geese we saw along the way. He also loved touching everything – including playing with the dirt. I’m getting better with messes, but it is a process.


He wanted to see himself in the picture I was attempting to take. He says, “I see, I see!”

We also went to our second Annual Duckling Day Parade. It is more of a walk than a parade. The kids dress up as ducks, get a goodie bag, and at the end of the walk they have ducks to see and a puppet show to watch. Owen really enjoyed the puppet show and made sure everyone heard him call out the animals. Weekends are the best.