22 Months

Owen, Owen, Owen, you are getting so big, talking a ton, and listening to everything the people around you are saying. We’ve realized a few weeks ago that Owen is really good at repeating what he hears. We now need to be really careful what we say around him. He is also hitting when he gets frustrated or tired. We need to work on that as well.

Owen has now had 4 ear infections, and this last one was really bad – his ear was oozing out. I felt so bad when we went to the doctors and he said it was a really bad one. He has been on medication for it, and it had seemed to clear up, but this evening he said that his ear hurt again. Unfortunately this seems to be a trend every few months and we will need to go for a follow up and make sure it has been cleared up. We’ll have to see what our next steps are.

Friday was Owen’s last day at Little Dreamers Big Believers (his old daycare). We picked him up while he was still napping to leave town for a trip to Pittsburgh. I felt bad that he couldn’t really say bye to his friends, but we got a few numbers for playdates. His friends made him an adorable dog book, and his teachers put together all of his pictures and they made him a going away sign. It was hard to leave on Friday, and we’ll miss the teachers.


Yesterday was Owen’s first day at the new daycare, and he seems to be doing well with it. He was very cautious walking in and started to play, but once Tony left Owen started to cry. When I picked him up his teachers said that he was doing well, and that he was participating too. I think we were more nervous than he was on Monday morning. Now that it is Tuesday I am feeling a little relief, and I think we made the right choice.

If you are looking for a sweet healthy snack I made oatmeal raisin peanut butter bites last week and they are nice to have on hand to satisfy your sweet tooth.



Valentine’s Day

This year Owen had a Valentine’s Day party at daycare. They decorated bags to put their Valentines in and had plenty of treats. I was super excited to scour Pinterest to see what kind of Valentines I could make for him as well as his teachers. I decided on still giving a treat but a healthy(ish) treat.


Eating breakfast before his party at daycare.


Last year on Valentine’s Day 🙂
























I printed these and bought some “healthy” gummies. I found out about these gummies when I was pregnant with Owen, and I bought some of the lollipops to put in my hospital bag. I also wanted to make something for his teachers for taking such good care of him during the day. Here are the final results…


I made some cookies for the teachers that you might not be able to see in the picture. My talented neighbor made the adorable mug covers. I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Change can be tough, but sometimes it is for the best. We’ve recently got a call from a daycare that we’ve been on the waiting list for almost 2 years. I know it seems like a long time but getting into any daycare can be a challenge. We all love the daycare Owen is currently in, but it just isn’t convenient for either of us. Tony has been doing the drop off and pick up because my office is so far away from it :/. So when the other daycare called we had to weigh our options.

When Tony gave our notice to our current daycare he said that it felt like he was leaving a job. When you almost have a few years vested in something it can be hard leaving it. Especially when it has to do with your child. Owen has been going to his current daycare since he was 3 months old. He has a bunch of friends and loves all of his teachers. I know he is still really young and he will adapt to the new daycare just fine, but I feel so bad about it.

He still has the rest of this week which includes his Valentine’s Day Party and next week at his current daycare. I can’t wait to put together his Valentines for his friends and teachers later this week. With the change Tony will be doing the drop off and I will pick him up. I think this will be a good balance, and Tony will get a much needed break after work.


Enjoying some pizza at Studio 35

Date Night

Any parent can relate to the idea that getting a babysitter every once in awhile is important to keeping your sanity. We took the opportunity last Saturday night to get an early dinner and drinks. I think I speak for Tony as well when I say that I feel like we’ve aged a ton after becoming parents.

We wanted to try out a new restaurant that was not kid friendly. With a recommendation from a co-worker we decided to try Manifesto. We arrived very early with a reservation at 5:30 and were seated upstairs with the other senior citizens. We took our time looking over our menu options and decided on a few small plates. I always like sampling a few things rather than one huge portion. The fig and brie flatbread was delicious. Something you wouldn’t find everywhere. The smoked tomato fondue wasn’t quite as good. It was pretty much just a tomato bisque with some bread. It was a nice change of pace to not have to entertain a toddler while shoving food in your face.

After dinner we decided to check out a local winery called Quail Crossing Cellars. I was a bit skeptical walking in knowing that I don’t love sweet wine, which is usually the only thing that you can get from an Ohio winery, but looking over the options I was happily surprised. They have some dryer red options because they get their juice from California. We both sampled 3 different wines that came out in a shot glass type holder.


They only have a few snack options for purchase so they encourage you to bring your own food. A good idea for next time. Now what to do for Valentine’s Day?