Boogers and Drool

Ahhh sitting down for a few minutes is really nice. Owen has been full of boggers and drool lately. Every time we pick him up he leaves a nice booger and/or drool stain on your shirt, but I guess that is better than spit up or poop. For how much he is drooling you would think he has a full mouth of teeth, but no teeth yet. I feel so bad that he seems to be in so much pain. As for his boogers, this past weekend I used the snot sucker for the first time, and it works really well when he sits still long enough. I haven’t been successful at that lately when he knows what is coming for him.

Owen had his first vision appointment this past weekend and he did very well. The doctor put the drops in to dilate his eyes, and at the end of the appointment he said everything looks good. We will have to go back when he turns three to make sure he is still doing good. The only reason we would have to go back sooner is if his eyes start to drift.

I thought by now Owen would be sleeping through the night without a problem, but this week has been rough. I am not sure if his gums have been hurting or if he has just been hungry, but he has been waking up multiple times a night. He has been eating 2 meals at daycare and one at home along with his bottles – so I am not sure how much more food he can have. He could be going through another growth spurt. We’ll see what the next few days bring. We are really wishing for some more sleep.

This picture demonstrates how strong Owen is getting…he broke the piece off of his toy.


He pulled a little too hard



Fall is my favorite season. The air is crisp, but not too cold, and the trees still have leaves and turn bright and colorful. Most importantly we are able to enjoy it all as a family this year. Owen already likes being outside, and now he is looking around even more at all the new colors. We were able to get some pumpkins this weekend at a local farm. Not sure yet if we’ll carve them or just decorate them. I have seen a bunch of different things online where people have decorated their pumpkins instead of carving. I’m not gonna lie, I really enjoy roasted pumpkin seeds, but I don’t enjoy pulling the innards out of the pumpkin. Owen won’t know the difference yet. Although I think he was checking out the Halloween decorations that I was finally able to put up.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. It could be because of the weather, or that I am a Fall baby. Whatever it is, I really enjoy dressing up and giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. We live in a small neighborhood, but we still get a dozen or so knocks at the door on Halloween. We make sure that we have a few bags of candy in case we get an abundance of kids. This year we are ready to party hard, oh wait I mean party like we are parents, and we will probably be ready for bed by 10. At least we have some costumes to fit the part. We decided instead of doing Ghostbusters or Flinstones that we would dress up with a Wizard of Oz theme. I will be Dorothy, Tony will be the Scarecrow, and Owen will be the Cowardly Lion. He is going to look so cute.  I will make sure to take pictures.

Weekend Away

Boy, how weekends away have changed! We spent this past weekend with some friends at Deep Creek MD. We didn’t do much exploring around Deep Creek because the weather was was kind of crappy and we had 5 kids between all of the couples, but we did take a short family walk. Even though it was crazy with all of the kids crawling, waddling, and running around it was nice to catch up with friends and get away from the day to day back home. Tony even enjoyed the hot tub while I was able to take a relaxing bath. We all hope to meet again in the spring.

Being sick is the pits especially when you’re taking care of a sick kid. Owen was back at the doctors this week because he was running a fever and has had a bad cough. The doctor said she saw some liquid still in his ear so she gave him some medicine to take for the next 10 days. I have definitely been blaming myself for Owen being sick – thinking if I would be home more and not send him to daycare then he wouldn’t get sick as much. I just need to get over it and realize that he is going to get sick. Tony has been fantastic and stayed home from work on Monday and Tuesday with him. He seems to be getting better slowly. I am hoping by this weekend he will feel like himself again and we can venture out and enjoy the fall weather.

We haven’t tried many foods this week with Owen not feeling well. So far we’ve given him peas, green beans, carrots, pears, and sweet potatoes. He really enjoys the carrots. I hope to try out some squash and other fruits this weekend.


All the cute kids this weekend


Family picture outside of the house this past weekend


Owen looking good for the ladies