Family Time

We had a very nice Thanksgiving last week with family. We relaxed in the morning watching the parade, and then I stuffed myself and ate pie for breakfast the rest of the week. Oh yeah, my pies turned out good too. ¬†They didn’t look very pretty, but they tasted good and I didn’t hear any complaints. For Christmas I will try and work on fluting the crusts.


The toilet roll turkeys crafts that I planned out for the cousins worked out as well. Owen even sat down for a few minutes and made one. I think I’m going to try and get the supplies to make a coffee filter Christmas tree for the kids on Christmas.

It’s almost December and I think we’ve bought a total of 3 gifts so far :/. We have a goal every year of buying everything online to avoid the crowds, so I’ve got to get moving on that. At least we have a decorated Christmas tree, though it almost didn’t happen last night. Owen was getting flustered and not cooperating, and I was about to throw in the towel. So Tony took Owen to get a bath and I finished it up along with the other Christmas decorations.


I’m looking forward to this weekend when Owen will get to spend some time with his cousins and see Santa.


Pies and Play-doh

This is the first holiday season in a long time that we haven’t had to travel out of state for the holidays, and we are really excited about it. In the past we’ve been in charge of bringing pies to Thanksgiving because we lived near Just Pies, and it didn’t require us to cook. Now since we’re only traveling 20 minutes down the road I decided it would be nice to make the pies. So, with the help of my mom last night, 3 pies have been made. They aren’t Pinterest worthy, but hopefully they at least taste good. I’ll be watching my family’s faces tomorrow ;).

Owen has been really into playing with Play-Doh recently, and the rule is to stay at the dining room table when he is playing with it (and not put it in his mouth). I got him a bunch of cookie cutter toys to use with it, and it can keep him occupied for a while. I usually keep a close eye on him when he is playing with it, but today he snuck into the living ¬†room and pushed the Play-Doh into the carpet. So now I’m an expert at getting Play-Doh out of a carpet. I guess I will need to be in the same room with him when he plays with it.

We had a little snow over the weekend (a little more than a dusting), and Owen made his first snowman of the season. Glad someone likes the snow.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Such a Peach

A very sarcastic title to this week’s post :/. Owen has been such a terror the past few days. He started out really well on Monday, but on Tuesday we only lasted about half an hour at a play group and I took him out screaming. Not sure what is up with him, but he has been screaming so much that he is giving me headaches. I’ve never been so excited to go to a work out class tonight. I snapped a few pictures this morning of Owen actually having some fun at Party Lane.

I just started a free week trial at a Pilates studio, and am really enjoying it. My first class was Saturday and it was a challenge. They have specific Pilates machines and I had to learn as I went. The instructor was very nice and patient with me, and I was sore for a few days but knew it was a good workout. I’m also enjoying the studio itself because they offer yoga as well as barre classes. I’m hoping to feel more comfortable with the machines after taking a few more classes.

If you’re looking for a simple cookie to make this holiday season I’m making these for a Friendsgving on Friday, and I just put together the supplies that are needed for this fun Thanksgiving craft. Yup Thanksgiving is in a week. Hope you’re ready for the crazy holiday season.

Kids Day Out

The past 6 weeks I’ve been taking Owen to a local preschool for a Kids Day Out program. They offer the the parent and kid program to get little ones ready for when they come to preschool in the fall. Owen has been in daycare so he knew the idea of having some structure, but I thought it would be a good idea to keep him around kids in a learning environment.

Every Tuesday morning we joined about 8 other toddlers at Bellwood Preschool where the teacher would read a few stories and have different learning/exploring stations set up. Each week had a theme, craft, and snack. Owen pretty much did his own thing while I supervised him. The preschool is very child-led, which I’m not sure is the best fit for Owen right now, but things could change.

In other news, I made these muffins twice this week and have been devouring them. I think Owen and Tony have only had one each.

Halloween Fun

This was the first Halloween in our new house, and the first time that Owen went trick-or-treating. Tony and I were a lot more excited for Owen to go than he was. We kept trying to explain to him how much fun he’d have, but he just didn’t understand. After a few houses he got the idea of it and kept wanting to go to more houses. I really hate giving Owen a ton of sugar while I can help it. I was able to get away with Owen just having one piece of candy and a bag of chips on Halloween night, and even with that small amount he didn’t fall asleep until 10. Oh well, it was Halloween.

I love passing out treats and seeing all of the kids in their costumes, and we had plenty of treats to give out. We had plenty of candy, and we had small toys in preparation for kids with allergies. Some of our neighbors told us that we should expect 100 kids so we bought a lot more candy than we usually do. Unfortunately we only got about 30 kids. So we have a ton left. I’ve heard you can send it to the troops – I’ll have to look into that. Now it’s time to take down the Halloween decorations and think about Thanksgiving – the lost holiday before Christmas.

I’ve been trying really hard to get Owen to at least have some quiet time in his bed during the day, but it has only worked once this week. I was especially surprised today when I found him waiting at the top of the stairs for me. He finally got enough courage to climb out of his crib :/. I guess we’ll have to pull down the side of his crib soon. I’m going to miss baby jail.