Almost 6 Weeks

I can’t believe Owen is almost 6 weeks old. He is healthy and seems to be happy – especially when he is eating. As far as feeding goes, I have been pumping exclusively for t he last 2 weeks. It has been very time consuming, and it can be discouraging at certain times of the day when there isn’t a lot of milk. Owen seems to be fine with it, and I am not nearly as sore as I was while breastfeeding. I have also called his pediatrician to ask about formulas in case I am not able to pump, or if it becomes too overwhelming. They suggested a milk based formula with iron. I think I will grab the Target brand formula this week to have on hand just in case. I have heard that this it is comparable to Similac but cheaper.

Now that we have been home for a few weeks by ourselves we have started to get a schedule. A very repetitive schedule, but some structure non-the-less. I feed Owen, burp him, change his diaper, and then pump. Repeat all day :/. It’s not all bad. He has been starting to smile and coo,which makes it all worth it. Also if the weather is nice we have been laying out on a blanket in the shade. If I am lucky I can even get a little reading done.

My doctor cleared me last week to work out, and so far I have worked out a few times this week. Even just a short workout makes me feel so much better. I really need to get back into my clothes. I only fit into one pair of pants and one pair of shorts, which makes it hard to find an outfit to wear for the day. Thank goodness it has been hot and I can wear maxi skirts and dresses.


IMG_20140526_164245_105 2014-05-28 IMG_20140529_141403_571



That’s right, ouch! Feeding Owen hurts. He is hungry about every 3 hours, and it is doing some damage to mom. A few weeks ago I went to a lactation specialist to try and pinpoint what I was doing wrong. She gave me a few things to try and told me to get a prescription ointment that I have been using ever since. It seems to be helping a bit, but feeding is still painful. To give me a break every once in a while I have been pumping when I can and keeping it on hand. I know that direct from the breast is best, but I am really get discouraged and I might have to discuss some other options with the doctor on Monday.

Now that I have been home with Owen by myself this week I am trying to get a schedule down. He has been sleeping pretty well in the mornings so I try and shower then. If I am feeling up to it I throw some laundry in too. After lunch, if the weather is good we try and do a stroller walk. This has been working out well until yesterday when halfway through our walk Owen decided to start screaming. He didn’t stop until I fed him. Ugh. This feeding thing is really getting to me. I wonder when I will start feeling like me again, and not just a sore feeding machine. I guess it has been under a month so maybe after 6 weeks it will get better.

On a lighter note, Owen seems to do fine when going out to eat. Earlier this week, during a neighborhood meetup, he only fussed a little while everyone ate. Also earlier today he slept through a lunch at Panera. Now to get him to stop fussing at night and go to sleep.


Owen napping 🙂



First Mother’s Day

Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day, and Tony made it a very special one. After the first morning feeding with Owen ( I am starting to feel like a cow), I came down to a breakfast cooked and waiting for me. It was very nice to not have to think about and/or prepare the meal, and Owen actually let us enjoy it. Then later in the afternoon we took a stroll through the neighborhood where a few neighbors got to meet a sleeping Owen. For dinner Tony prepared mussels, and I even had a glass of wine in between feedings. After dinner Owen got a bit fussy, but I eventually went to sleep for a few hours.

This is my first full week without Tony being home to help. So far so good. I am trying to make sure that we get out at least once a day if the weather permits. I don’t want to be stuck inside all day. I have to say that having Owen when we did was good planning as far as the weather goes. He loves being outside and being pushed around in the stroller. Hopefully soon I will be able to jog with him and lose the rest of the baby weight.

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What I Actually Used In My Hospital Bag

So it’s been two weeks since Owen has been born, and it is becoming a tiny bit easier to deal with his feeding schedule and the sleep deprivation. I am starting to feel better. I am able to take short walks, and Tony has been a huge help these last two weeks. I even washed and dried my hair today! Granted it is in a ponytail, but it made me feel a little like a real person again. Tony will be going back to work on Monday. That is when the real test will begin. Though he might work from home which would be nice in case I realize that I still need his help.

As for the hospital bag that I stressed over, most of it I didn’t even take out of the bag. During the hospital stay on the first day I wore the hospital gown all day, and I used the lovely mesh underwear that they provided. On the second day I did wear the top part of my pajama set, and it was helpful that the top was a nursing tank. I also used some of my basic toiletries on the second day when I got a short shower. Other than that the only other thing that I wore from the bag was the outfit that I wore home. However, when I got home from the hospital it was convenient that I had all of the things in one place from the hospital bag. So when I was really sore I didn’t have to go through drawers to find something to wear.

The one thing that I didn’t think about having when I got home were nursing shirts. I only have one nursing tank and one sleeping bra. This doesn’t cut it when I feel like I am nursing constantly. One of these days when Owen cooperates I will need to run by Target and get some more.

…it seems like Owen is hungry again. I better go feed him…

Owen 2 weeks old

Owen 2 weeks old