4 Year old Drama

I’m beginning to think that all 4-year-olds should be actors. The drama every day to get out of bed or wash his hands is crazy. The whining and crying on command is really an acting quality that comes naturally to him. Along with all the drama, there have been some fun times too.


Owen loves to pretend these days. He mostly replays his day, but he also loves to play store. I have a few bags that he likes to use, and we take turns being the shopper and the clerk. There are so many toys in the living room that it’s easy to find enough to fill up the bags. He also loves to play construction where we are the workers. Just today we built a pool with a slide and diving board right in the living room. Perfect for a 90-degree day. Too bad it was imaginary.

This past weekend Owen went to his first Pirate game. I wasn’t sure how he was going to like it, but we lucked out and were able to stay the whole game (I think spending half the game in the stadium seats and the other half in box seats helped with this).  His favorite part of the game was the Pierogi Race. If you are wondering, Jalapeño Hannah won on Saturday night.

Summer is just around the corner, but I’m thinking of fall activities already. Owen did a short 5-week running club this spring, but other than that we haven’t signed him up for anything else. I think we are still recovering from the horrible soccer days from this past fall. I am thinking of maybe signing him up for tumbling. What fun activities are appropriate for 4-year-olds?