Birthday Planning

When someone asks Owen how old he is going to be he says, “two half”. We need to work on the meaning of birthdays and getting older. He does know and enjoy that he is getting a dinosaur themed birthday, which is a relief because of the huge amount of dinosaur things that have been ordered and made so far. Thank goodness for Amazon and Oriental Trading. They have helped me avoid crowds and shopping with a toddler.

My list of things that I want to make for the party is getting shorter, but there is still a ton of things that I want to get done. There are so many kids coming, and I want to make sure they all will be fed and entertained. I completed the party favors, the dino egg hunt bags, and ordered the dinosaur cupcake cake. I still need to fill all of the eggs and make fossils, centerpieces, and paint eggs to go on the centerpieces. I think a trip to Michaels and Party City is in my near future.

Besides party planning, we’ve been able to spend some time outside this week with the warming temps. Owen has been obsessed with finding “treasures” outside, and he was sharing them with me yesterday.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We are going all out tonight for St.Patrick’s Day and making green pancakes for dinner. Crazy right? Pancakes with spinach :). It’s hard to celebrate when you have a toddler. He did get a cookie this morning for good behavior while we were running errands so his day was made. Hope everyone’s plans are as “crazy” as ours!


This Old House

Just your typical Friday last week at our house with Owen locked in the bathroom. He slammed the bathroom door which somehow caused the door to lock. In order to get him out Tony had to take the whole doorknob off because the door (and house) is old and doesn’t have a way to unlock it from the outside. On the plus side Tony was able to fully remove the lock when he put it back on so now Owen can’t lock the door anymore (and neither can anybody else). Ugh, toddlers are such a ball of fun sometimes. He wasn’t in the bathroom for more than 5 minutes by himself. Maybe this weekend we can see what other rooms he can get himself locked into.

When he wasn’t slamming doors this week,  Owen enjoyed getting his hair cut and playing at the library with some friends. Here is his new do:


Helping Out in the Kitchen

Owen loves food and helping, so when we are feeling adventurous we let him “help” with dinner. A few weeks ago our friends were very brave to let two toddlers help with making pizza. I have to say, they did a good job and didn’t make a huge mess. Of course, they ate waaaay too much cheese but they had a great time. One of Owen’s favorite meals is fish so Tony let him help make fish this past week, and I had him help with Rice Krispie treats too. Who knows, maybe someday Owen will cook for his old parents :).

Today, with it snowing outside, it’s hard to imagine that spring will ever arrive. To ignore the cold weather a bit we started planning our 10 year wedding anniversary trip for the summer. We are thinking of traveling somewhere in the Caribbean. What do you recommend? Despite how much of a “help” Owen has been this is one vacation that he’ll be missing out on..