Getting Things Done

“Freaking Awesome”, that is what the card said that a co-worker gave me. Along with the cute card, she gave us a Big Bird onesie that is adorable. I am actually impressed that I wasn’t the first one to buy an item of clothing for the baby. We should probably start working on the nursery so we have a place to put baby things. I will have to start going through the million nursery pictures that I have pinned to get some inspiration.

Last night went well, other than watching everyone drink really refreshing beer and stressing over what I could eat on the menu. The Crest was a great newish gastropub, and I can’t wait to go back when I can enjoy a drink on the patio.

Yes! This afternoon my husband was able to finish hanging the wine bottles in the dining room, and he also put our anniversary (iron anniversary) iron spoon and fork bottle openers up on the wall. Now I just need to get the flowers for the wine bottles in tonight and we will be really close to completing the dining room. Now I am off to pack for the last weekend in Pittsburgh for a while. Can’t wait to break the news to the family.


the baby’s first onsie


additions to our dinning room


our 6th anniversary (iron) bottle openers located in our kitchen



Someone To Talk To

Yay! Today I told a co-worker that I was preggo, and she was so happy for me. That makes 3 people plus their husbands that know. I am so glad to start talking with her about what to expect in the next few months, and what I will need to prepare for the baby. She asked if we were going to find out the gender along with how I was feeling. I told her that so far I have been pretty lucky with just a few waves of nausea. As for the gender my husband and I want to find out, but I think we want to have a gender reveal party first. I am not sure if we want to get the gender put in an envelope the day we find out, and then maybe give it to someone that is helping plan the party. I need to look into this more in the coming months.

We are heading out tonight with a few friends that we haven’t seen in awhile. It is going to be challenge to not drink at a gastropub, but I am just going to have to get used to it. I think the holidays are going to be the hardest. Good thing I have a while before then.


shirt from a boutique in Pgh. and pants from Loft

Breaking the News

I had my first appointment with the midwife yesterday and it went well. I got some questions answered and even some baby wipes. At the appointment I had to give a urine sample, have a pelvic exam, and give a ton of blood. Everything was easy other than giving blood. I guess I have small veins because when she tried getting blood out of my right arm she couldn’t, and she had to take it from my left arm instead. So I left with 2 bandaids.

At work I planned on telling a co-worker who recently had a baby so that we could start talking about what to expect in the next nine months, but the time never felt right. Maybe we can grab lunch on Friday after our last half day of Summer hours. I was able to tell a few close friends at book club. It worked out perfectly because they were the only 2 that showed up. They were really happy for us, and already started talking about planning a shower. It was so nice to finally break the news to some people, and I can’t wait to tell some family this weekend.


sweater from Banana Republic and pants from Zara

A Fib Never Hurt Anyone

What an odd weekend I had. I felt really bad keeping the secret and lying to my parents about why I wasn’t drinking. Of course my mom wanted to take us to a winery on Saturday, and we had to change those plans. Once we decided on where to go the day turned out well. We went to an Italian Festival, and I was able to gobble up some cookies and other yummy food. My mom even got me this cute blue and white polka dotted shirt that will grow with my belly :).

Our friend’s reception went well too once we found it. We drove around this park for what felt like 20 minutes. When we finally arrived we realized that most of the guests had trouble finding the place. It was nice catching up with friends, and nobody seemed to notice that I wasn’t drinking. Thank you solo cups!

Well tomorrow I finally get to see a midwife, and I am hoping for all good news.


shirt and belt from Nordstrom and skirt from Banana Republic

Make That Virgin

Funny thing happened to me today as I was walking around the store Bye Bye Baby. I got a phone call from Robert Mondavi Winery wanting me to buy some wine, and I told him that I wasn’t drinking anymore. So technically even though I didn’t tell him directly he was the first person that knew I was pregnant. I was kind of sad thinking that I wouldn’t be able to even have a glass of wine for 9 months, but I know I will have plenty of other things to do.

Tomorrow we are off to Pittsburgh for a friend’s wedding reception. Hopefully it won’t be too stressful keeping it a secret.


shirt from H&M, belt from J Crew and jeans from Banana Republic


So I believe that my co-workers are taking note of how many times that I am going to the bathroom. Hopefully they just think that I am drinking a lot of water. I tried to keep track today, in case the midwife asks on Tuesday, and I think just during work I went about 7 times. I thought that I went a lot before I was pregnant, and supposedly it just gets worse as the pregnancy progresses.

Another thing that I realized today is that my stomach feels really hard, and I am not sure if it is even possible, but while looking in the mirror today I think that I am already showing a bit. That has me worried because nobody knows. At least nobody will say I am looking fat. Nobody in their right mind say that to a women.

Oh yeah I almost forgot we were able to visit our friend’s baby girl last night. She is adorable at only 2 weeks old. Mom and baby are doing well, other than the lack of sleep. It was a little odd because that was our first time out after finding out the news, and of course right when we got there they asked us if we wanted any beer or wine to drink. They might suspect something in the back of their minds, but I need to try to not and worry about it. Our next challenge will be this weekend when we go to a friend’s wedding reception. Maybe I can just grab a solo cup and nobody will know :).


shirt from H&M and skirt from a local boutique called Thread

Blowing Up Like a Balloon

The word for today is, bloated. Ugh, I am feeling like I have a small balloon in my stomach. So far today I haven’t really felt nauseous at all just a bit crampy along with some lower back pain. I really shouldn’t complain too much because I know other pregnant woman have it way worse.

Last night I did start, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. So far I have learned some things, and I plan on reading more tonight. I learned what a chemical pregnancy is, and I am really keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn’t happen to me. One tip that I read so far is to make a list of questions for your first appointment. and they give you some suggestions of what to ask. This is on my to do list for this weekend. That and to make a list of my prescriptions to make sure I can keep using them.

I got a little depressed tonight when I came home from work. I always pick out an outfit the night before just to save time in the morning (also because I am a little OCD), and I tried on 2 pairs of jeans that already don’t fit :(. I guess I will have to start shopping for maternity clothes soon. At least a lot of stores are now carrying them. Now off to see some friends and meet their new baby girl :).


shirt from Nordstrom and pants from Gap