Museum Fun

I’m writing this as Owen is already in bed (5pm). He got sick this morning, and he didn’t eat much today. I hope it’s just a 24-hour bug. It’s so hard to see him sick. I feel so helpless.

This year we decided to get a membership to the Carnegie Museums instead of renewing our Children’s Museum membership. This past week we were able to visit both. The Carnegie Science Center has been around since we were kids, but a lot has changed and continues to change. We also went to the Children’s Museum before our membership ends this month.

Owen really enjoyed the Science Center, and he was even able to participate in one of the shows that they had going on. We also went to Sports Works which is part of the Science Center. I was surprised how many things Owen could actually do. He really enjoyed doing the ropes course (with Tony nearby). We look forward to checking out the other 3 Carnegie Museums this year.

At the Children’s Museum Owen had a blast playing with his cousin Emma. They played in the art room with clay, explored the toddler floor, played with the water, and climbed through the kid ant farm.


The Art of Listening

Lately, Owen has not been listening to anything that I’ve said. It’s like he is in his own little world of dinosaurs and cars. His not listening almost got him very hurt last week. We were leaving the library after story time, and he ran outside and down the ramp without me. He ran toward the parking lot, and almost got hit by a car. I’m very thankful that the driver was paying attention, and that I was able to  grab him by the hood. I was so upset that I cried while yelling at him. He began crying as well, and has since actually been holding my hand.

Here are some happier times at the Heinz History Center on Monday:




No more Home Alone

Since it has been single digit temperatures for the past week and Owen had been on Christmas break from school we’ve been pretty much hibernating and watching the movies that Owen got for Christmas. I think we watched Home Alone about 10 times last week, and I’m pretty tired of it. I tried to get him to watch Polar Express just to change it up, but he didn’t like it as much as Home Alone. When he was not laughing loudly at Home Alone we were able to fit in some crafts and play with some new toys. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when he went back to school today.

Anyone have favorite toddler activities while you are stuck indoors?

Happy New Year! It seems Owen has a thing for wearing New Year hats. The one where he has a noise maker is this year and the plaid shirt is last year.