Feeling the love

You know it’s going to be a good day when you start by walking into the bathroom door :/. That’s the last time that I try and be nice and not turn on the lights while I am getting ready in the morning. At least it just gave me a headache and not a shiner.

This past weekend was a ton of fun. On Friday Tony surprised me with a birthday party at my parents house. I knew there was something going on when I opened the refrigerator and saw a ton of prepared food. Usually there are just a bunch of leftovers. Guests included family as well as high school friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was great to catch up with them, and to have them meet Owen. I even got the traditional family angel food cake, and everyone insisted on singing to me. I almost felt like a kid again. We ended the night by making s’mores. Thank you Tony, mom, dad, and Aunt Colleen for the great birthday party!







On Saturday we spent time at Allegheny College, Tony’s alma mater, for their Homecoming weekend.  We checked out the new addition to the Delt House, and Owen was able to roam around and check out the campus. It really is a nice campus – especially when it isn’t raining.


Hanging out on the swing with Madison.














On Sunday we headed over to the Meadville Country Club to celebrate a first birthday for our dear friends’ daughter, Vera. She is such an adorable baby with the biggest bright blue eyes. During the party the kids were able to run around in one half of the room while the adults grabbed something to eat. We are still trying to find a balance when we are at social events with Owen. The balancing act comes when you have to split your time between watching him run around and trying to socialize or eat. I think we are getting better at it, but it keeps changing as he gets older. It also helps if other kids are involved so the parents understand.



Dang Teeth

Just when we thought we had the nightly routine down, Owen decided to throw a wrench into the mix this week. It’s not all his fault – his poor molars are coming in. On Tuesday night he would not go to sleep. I’m talking inconsolable, screaming, flailing, etc. He didn’t want to be played with, read to, or rocked. Nothing we did helped so we finally gave him some Tylenol, and about half an hour later he fell asleep in my arms all boogery and sweaty. Poor guy worked himself up so much. We did see 2 teeth that were poking out in the back, and I expect to see a few more soon. Then, this morning a little before 6, Owen decided that he wanted to get up and proceeded to scream until Tony went in to get him. Usually I have to wake him up during the week to get ready for Daycare, but he woke us up this morning.


Happy Owen hanging out in his new toy


Not sure what he is looking at, but he is happy 🙂

We went to Lynd’s Fruit Farm with some friends this past Sunday to pick apples, and we had a good time. We ended up getting a few things from their market too. Hopefully next month we can go out and get some pumpkins too. Luckily his teeth were not bothering him on Sunday when we went to pick apples (like they were last year). He didn’t hold back at all – he bite right into an apple, ate the whole thing, and then started onto another. I really didn’t think he would be able to do that with so few teeth. I guess when it comes to food he will try anything.


My favorite picture from apple picking.


Owen has been into giving hugs lately. It is adorable and instantly puts you in a good mood. He also knows what some words mean, but isn’t able to say them himself – although he tries really hard. I am sure in the next few weeks his vocabulary will grow.

One last thing, if you are looking for something to bake to get you inspired for Fall I suggest making this Salted Caramel Apple Goodie. I made it a few days ago and it was delicious.

Busy Busy

This past weekend was full of fun activities. From a girls night out to a daycare picnic.  It was so nice to catch up with friends Friday night, if only for a few hours. I knew I was super old, but when the waiter comes over and asks for your unfinished drink container back (a sweet flavored flaming drink bowl) because he needs it for another table, you know you aren’t in your twenties anymore. That’s ok, we still had a good time even if we weren’t shot gunning beers. Plus it was a Friday night after a long week at work.

On Saturday we slept in a bit and then took part in our neighborhood yard sale. Tony had been organizing our old treasures for the sale for weeks as well as Owen’s old clothes that are too small. We sold a bunch of his clothes and other random things. It was also nice to see neighbors walking around on Saturday morning. Anyone that has ever taken part in yard sale knows that there are always a few people that drive around an hour before it even starts. We had a few of those.  Am I the only person that feels bad about her stuff when people walk by your tables so quickly that it is almost rude? I shouldn’t take offense, but I don’t understand how you can walk by so quickly. Anyways we did really well and had a bunch of foot traffic come through. We ended the day with dinner at a friends house. It was a great night with Owen and their daughter Madison playing together while we chatted. It’s a bummer that they will be moving away soon :(.










Hugs 🙂








On Sunday Owen had his annual daycare picnic at a local park. This year was completely different with Owen able to play and run around. It was a lot of fun to see him interact with his friends, and it was nice to meet some of the parents. I’m glad that they have this event every year. Especially to get to know his teachers since Tony does most of the dropping off and picking up.

FB_IMG_1442362125512 IMG_20150913_113026067







Hanging out at the daycare picnic








Oh and a few weeks ago Owen got his very own electronic Mercedes to drive around. It even has a remote control that we can use to drive him around (or at least Tony can – I am really bad at using the remote). We’ve agreed that he is too small for it now so we’ll bring it back out in the Spring.IMG_20150907_153833292


Ups and Downs

This past week has taken a toll on us. Owen had a cough for a while, but it didn’t seem to bother him until it started to wake him up at night. He woke up a few times last weekend and started to get extra cuddly. So on Monday he went to the doctors, and it turns out that he had a double ear infection. Poor guy :(. He has been on antibiotics for a few days, and he seems to be feeling a little better as well as sleeping through the night.

As parents already know it can be hard to get out of the house in the morning. It was extra hard on Tuesday when Owen had a coughing fit that led to throwing up his breakfast. Oh the things you never thought you’d catch in your hand until you became a parent. We still made it to work and daycare fine, (though in different outfits), and Owen seems to be doing better.

He is growing up so quickly. We got him a training potty the other day. Since he has been so good at pooping in the tub we thought that maybe we should sit him on the potty before each bath. We didn’t have high hopes, but surprisingly just before his bath on Tuesday he squeezed out a little turd in the potty. We’ll keep practicing and perhaps it will become habit. I dream of no more diapers :).