Christmas Cards!

This time of year there are so many things to get done, and Christmas Cards are one of them. Ever since Owen has been around we have been sending out cards with some fun pictures on them. I adore our cards this year! We got them done by our friend who owns her own small online business called “Hello Hazen“. They came in super quick and I love the personalized layout.

She not only creates awesome custom-made cards, she also makes books, party supplies, announcements, posters, and calendars. If you haven’t done your Christmas cards yet (time is ticking) give her website, Hello Hazen, a look. You can save 15% with the code COUNTDOWN from now until December 16th. There, now you can check Christmas cards off your list.


Will 4 be better?

This past weekend Owen was in his Aunt Lisa’s wedding, and he was an adorable ring bearer. Leading up to the wedding I think we were more stressed out than the bride and groom that he was going to throw a fit walking down the aisle, but he behaved very well. He even waved and smiled while carrying the pillow. During the reception, he was very excited to dance with everyone but then we came home. He did really well with letting us know when he had to go the bathroom on the way home. He didn’t have any accidents then, but playing in his room after we got home, about 10 feet away from the bathroom, he peed his pants and got it all over the carpet. He even had an accident yesterday at school. We’ve taken away his Halloween candy and TV when this happens, but nothing seems to work. When we ask him to try and go to the bathroom he calls us, “Bad Guys” and “Little Piggy”. The “Little Piggy” is kind of funny, but wetting his underwear is getting really old. I guess we’ll just have to continue to make him go to the potty every hour and hope for the best.


Growth Spurt

We were sitting in the breakfast room yesterday and Owen told the Google home to “sing him a song” and Google sang him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and it was adorable. Also yesterday he refused to use the potty and peed in his underwear multiple times, not so cute. Maybe he is just going through one of the many kid phases. He might be going through a growth spurt because he is eating a ton. Just a few days ago he had his usual milk and cheerios and then asked for and ate a PB&Jelly sandwich for breakfast.

He enjoyed going to Party Lane earlier in the week where he ran the cash register to a market, helped animals at the animal hospital, had a tea party, and fixed some things.