Soccer Shots

As I sit here starting at the monitor wishing that Owen would nap for at least a little bit I think about how cute he can be sometimes. Even though he is screaming,”mama”, and throwing his stuffed animals out of his crib, I enjoy watching him play soccer. We signed Owen up for soccer this fall knowing that he liked to kick the ball. I didn’t have any expectations other than getting him to listen to his coach and enjoy being outside. So far after 2 weeks I think we accomplished both of these goals.

For the first practice there was one kid just happily eating his goldfish and another one throwing tantrums. Fortunately he wasn’t either of those kids. We didn’t know what to expect from Owen, but he seems to listen to his coach pretty well and enjoy soccer overall. During the practices every kid has their own colored “bubble” that they have to stand in before they are instructed to do anything else (Owen pushed a kid out of his last week when the kid encroached on his territory :/). So far they have learned to trap the ball, kick it in the goal, and not use their hands. Of course pretty much all of them have to be told not to use their hands, but they are only 2 and 3 year olds.

I think the most exciting thing for Owen so far is getting his orange Soccer Shots jersey. He was super pumped to put it on. We’ll see what tonight’s practice has in store.


Morning at Living Treasures

Like any good toddler Owen loves animals. He loves chasing, petting, and feeding them. Last week we made it out to Living Treasures. This place is perfect for kids who love animals. It’s pretty much a huge petting zoo where the animals are ready to be fed. When you first walk in the employees offer you carrots or a bucket of animal feed. Of course it’s super over priced but totally worth it. I’ve never seen Owen so happy to have a bag of carrots. After walking through the doorway to see the animals Owen shouted, “goats!”, and had me open the bag to feed the goats. He wasn’t hesitant to squeeze his little fingers in the goats mouth. Then it was time to feed the next animal. I thought we were going to run out of carrots about halfway through but we had just enough.

At the end of the petting zoo you can feed the giraffes. They enjoy the romaine leaves that you can purchase at a stand nearby. We got up close and personal with the giraffes mouth, which included a slobbery tongue. Every time Owen stuck out his hand to give the giraffe the leaves he said, “ewwww”, but he could have kept feeding them all afternoon. It was a great morning and we’ll be back again.

Where have the naps gone?

Oh how I remember just last week when Owen would nap for at least an hour a day. I think he is rebelling since we took his binkie away. On Friday (after his last nap) I told him to hand over his binkie, and he said, “Elmo”. I thought he was referring to the Sesame Street episode when Elmo gives up his binkie. So I said, “yes I will give it to Elmo so he can give it to the other babies that need binkies”, and that was that. That night he did ask and cry for his binkie for a while be then he eventually fell asleep. The past few nights have gotten a little better. Hopefully soon he won’t ask for it and he’ll nap again.

I think Tony and I need to refer to each other as mom and dad because Owen now knows my name is Lauren. Tony was yelling my name down the stairs last week and Owen caught on. Now occasionally when Owen walks down the steps he yells “Lauren”. It was really funny the first few times, but he needs to stick to mama for now.

He starts soccer on Monday, but we need to sign this kid up for swim lessons again.


Party in the mountains

I’ve never been much of a camping person. I would rather be in a nice cabin in the woods with a flushable toilet and electricity (and maybe a hot tub). Not sure why I feel this way, but that’s just how I’ve always been. I don’t mind being outside I just need things to be comfortable. Last weekend we visited a family friend’s cabin for a birthday festival. It was a bittersweet time.


It’s always hard seeing pictures of Justin around, but this weekend was a heavy reminder of how much fun he had at the cabin. Growing up my brothers and dad went up to the cabin a lot. It was their place to let some energy out. They loved riding quads, dirt bikes, and racing around in the golf cart. For me it was a last resort. If my mom was working I would have to go. 20+ years later it was definitely different. It was the first time I was went with Tony and Owen, and I could enjoy some beverages as well. The weather was perfect. Tony enjoyed taking us around in the golf cart and listening to the stories of me hating the place. Owen loved exploring and pushing his firetruck around.

As the day went on and the band started playing you could feel the happiness.