384 Months Old

My husband is so clever. He thought it would be funny if he figured out how many months old I turned on Thursday because we have been keeping track of how old Owen is getting. He made me a sticker to wear and posted a picture of me on Facebook. I have to say that I am a pretty good sport for letting him do that. Before we know it we’ll be doing Owen’s 6 month pictures.

Maybe I played along with the being old gig because Tony surprised me with a trip to Rockmill (a brewery that is nearby). We went to Rockmill last Sunday afternoon, and Tony kept saying that he wanted to go just as a family. After we got there friends kept trickling in. It was a great way to spend a gorgeous afternoon.

This week has been a rough one. Owen went to the doctor on Monday, and he was diagnosed with an ear infection and pink eye. So I scrubbed down everything and washed all the sheets and towels in hopes that it wouldn’t spread to Tony and me. Unfortunately Tony hasn’t been feeling well and my throat has been itchy. At least Owen started to feel better. I am sure this is just one of the many times he will be getting sick, but I think the first time may be the hardest because you feel so helpless. I didn’t have ear infections growing up, but Tony did so I am hoping this was just a one time deal and that he won’t take after his dad.

It is supposed to be a another beautiful weekend and we are planning to go out an enjoy some of it. I’ll make sure to take some pictures of my not so little man to share.

14 - 1

Sick little man at the doctors office ūüė¶


Last bath in the sink



Happy Dance

The sun has been shining a little brighter the past week because Owen has been sleeping through the night! He had a little hiccup on Sunday night, but other than that we have been very lucky with his new sleep pattern. I am not sure what is causing him to sleep so well, but let’s hope he keeps up the good work.

Last night was the first time Owen had “real” food. We gave him sweet potatoes, and he did pretty well with them. He ate about half the small container, and we will give him the rest tonight. I enjoy how you are able to keep it in the refrigerator for 2 days after opening. It cuts down on waste. The only thing that we experienced last night when we were feeding him (other than a messy face) was that he seemed very energized and didn’t go to sleep until 10. We will¬†see what tonight brings. If he does well with these I think I might try giving him some pears next.

Ahhh Fall is in the air. It is my favorite season – perfect sweater weather and Halloween. As I sit here, very quietly enjoying my Leaves candle, I can’t help but¬†think¬†about all of the things I want to do as a family this Fall. We plan on going apple and pumpkin picking next month at a fruit farm we have gone to in the past. It will be so much fun to see how Owen reacts to being outside in the cooler weather. Also with Halloween coming up we’ll need to figure out some costumes that go together well. I have a few ideas in mind. I just need to see what will work.


Yummy, rice cereal


Tummy time with Grandma


Boys in plaid


Happy guy ready for daycare


Trying on hats at Target

Family Vacation

What a whirlwind week it has been. Hurry, hurry, hurry to get ready and packed for the vacation, and then drive a million hours to Myrtle Beach. We had so much stuff that I was afraid it wouldn’t fit in the car, but Tony was able to use his Tetris skills to make it all fit.¬†I don’t know how families travel with more than one child.

The drive down to the beach wasn’t awful. It could have been worse, but Owen was a trooper and only needed to stop for a few diaper changes. On Friday we were able to make it to North Carolina¬†to stay over night at a motel with my parents. Then the next day we only had a short drive to our oceanfront condo in North Myrtle Beach. After we got a settled in we went down to the ocean and dipped Owens toes in the water for the first time. He actually didn’t seem to mind. I thought that he might be afraid of the water and the sand would feel funny, but after a while we even got a few smiles out of him. He looked adorable in all three of his swimsuits too.

I enjoy when the¬†only two¬†decisions to make are to go to the beach or the pool and where to eat dinner each¬†night. We lucked out and had great weather other than a portion of our first day. So we were able to take advantage and relax as much as possible at the beach and pool everyday. Vacationing with an infant is definitely still challenging, but the middle of the night wake-ups were a little easier knowing that we didn’t need to wake up for work the next day. Also, having my parents there was a huge help to ease the burden when he decided to get upset. I have to say that he did pretty well sleeping in a new place. He slept through the night most of the trip. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or if he was just worn out from the sun – but we’ll take it.

During Owen’s 4 month check up the doctor mentioned that because of his weight, and how much he is eating during the day, we can start trying to give him rice cereal twice a day. We have only tried a few times, and I am not entirely sure if he gets how to swallow the food. Most of it seems to end up on his bib. By the way, because he has been drooling so much we decided to keep him in a bib all day rather than change his shirt multiple times a day. We’ll keep on trying a see if he starts getting the hang of it. Owen also has rolled over from his back to belly a few times. I have only seen it once. Tony seems to be able to get him to do it, but¬†once I look he gets camera shy. Hopefully the next time he does it I can take a quick video.

Not much has changed in Myrtle Beach since we went in 2008. Still a bunch of beach stores. They built a boardwalk and a new shopping center similar to Easton (in Columbus, OH). We had dinner at the new mall, but we weren’t able to really shop around because the weather didn’t cooperate that day. All in all we had a good vacation and I am not looking forward to getting back to the grind, but all good things must come to an end.


Owen and daddy hanging out in the baby pool


Family photo by the water