Owen These Days

All parents know that it is hard to get toddlers to eat vegetables, or at least swallow them. Owen does this weird thing with carrots. He loves to dip them (and of course he always wants to double dip so you have to watch him), but then he chews the carrot forever and never swallows them. Eventually he gets your attention and spits them out in your hand. I don’t understand this at all. At least he likes peas and will also eat broccoli if it is cooked really well done or mixed in with something else.

Owen is starting to add words as the days go on. Just yesterday we were stacking blocks and counting as I did it and when I got to third block he said “three”. Then quickly lost interest with the blocks :). He also loves to say, “What happened”, especially when Frozen pauses and “no mommy no” when I want to brush his hair or clean him off after eating. It seems he needs to work on saying “yes”. When does “yes” start to be a normal occurrence in toddler talk?

Owen, Owen, Owen why do you still hate baths? We had a good month or two when he enjoyed them, but it has been a long time since then. We make sure that the water is a good temperature, the bathroom heater is on, plenty of bath toys, and even music. I really have no idea what the problem is. Every parent I talk to has a hard time getting their kids out of the bath. We dread bath time. Screaming like we are torturing him. Tonight is bath night possibly I will bring out the bath crayons and hope that is the ticket.

So we dodged winter storm Jonas this weekend. I am not sure how we got so lucky, but I am beginning to think that Owen won’t be able to use his snow boots and winter overalls at all this winter. I think he would like playing in the snow better this year because he can move around and jump in it. In years past we’ve gotten snow storms in March so there is plenty of time left.

With the weather being cold this time of year I always seem to get more reading done. I just finished A Manual For Cleaning Women. I really enjoyed that it was a bunch of short stories that always kept my attention and didn’t take a long time to tell a great story. Perfect book to read a few chapters a night.




Today I am trying to focus on the good. It has been hard to look on the bright side with the weather being below freezing lately and me feeling under the weather. I think I filled up about half of my garbage at work with tissues. I felt like I needed to itch my eyes out, and the pressure around my nose was horrible. On the bright side I am not sneezing or blowing my nose nearly as much as yesterday.

Speaking of blowing noses, when do kids usually start to grasp that idea? Owen is getting better at it, but he doesn’t have it quite right. So this weekend I had to get the snot sucker out. It has been so long since I used it on him that I think he forgot what it was. Every time after that he remembered and ran away from me. I had to get some daddy backup the next time around. I don’t like doing it, but I’m worried that he’s going to get another ear infection if I don’t stay on top of the congestion. Am I the only parent that lives in fear that their kid will get sick again? It’s so hard when they can’t tell you what hurts. On the bright side he seems to be doing good, and after a day off for MLK Day yesterday he is back at daycare.

Owen and Tony spent the day together while I went to work on Monday. They slept in, and then headed to an indoor gym. Tony said that he felt like the odd guy out with all the stay-at-home moms :). I am told Owen had a good time and that he loved running around and singing with the other kids. As luck would have it there was a Cookie Cutters right next door. So they were able to get his haircut too. It was the first one that I missed and he didn’t cry at all. Such a little man :).


On Saturday we went to the theater with Owen to see Star Wars Episode 7, of which Owen managed to last the first hour, which was longer than we were expecting. Oh and he found a new favorite snack – popcorn.

If you are looking to warm up a bit, here are some soups that we made this past week. Stay warm! Italian Orzo Spinach Soup and Slow Cooker Tomato Kale and Quinoa Soup.



Morning Rituals

I am a creature of habit, and when the winter hits every year I feel a bit thrown off. There’s something about that white stuff that throws my schedule off. Living in Ohio I knew that winter would come sooner or later and yesterday morning it showed up. As I stood at the bottom of the stairs looking at the front yard it was quite peaceful. Then I remembered that I had to drive to work in it. Boo! Luckily the roads weren’t awful, and we both made it to work safely. Now we just have to deal with frigid temps today. Is it spring yet?

This past weekend we drove into Pittsburgh to celebrate my niece’s birthday. We went to Primanti Bros for lunch, and then lounged around in the afternoon. Once Owen woke up from his nap we went to Wildwood Highlands where he enjoyed running around with the bigger kids and jumping (eventually) into the ball pit. On Sunday we spent time with family at my niece’s “Winter Onederland” themed first birthday. It was a short trip, but a nice change of pace.

To get Owen ready for the snow we ordered these boots last night. It is really hard to find inexpensive shoes for toddlers with wide feet. I hope he likes the snow more than last year now that he can walk around in it.


The yummy favors I have been eating all week 🙂

IMG_20160109_164457690_TOP IMG_20160110_144750769 IMG_20160110_145120326 IMG_20160110_153412416_TOP

Fresh Start

Does any other parent always hear their kid crying while you are trying to get a shower? I just realized even when Owen isn’t home I always hear him crying. I wonder if this ever goes away. Maybe it’s from all of the times when I was home on maternity leave and I would either bring him in the bathroom with me or have his monitor on the sink. Who knows. Maybe it’s just me.


We had another New Year’s celebration out our house this year with a few friends and their kids. This year we all put our big kid pants on and stayed up until the ball dropped. Yay us! Maybe we aren’t so old after all. It’s nice bringing in the New Year with your kid, but we desperately need a kid free dinner soon. I should start planning that.



After taking the decorations down the house feels like it is missing something. I think every January I need to go and buy some home products to spruce up the place. I guess we did go out and buy a new medicine cabinet. That’s a start.

You know what goes together well? Babies and bars. Well at least that is the case at a local movie theater, Studio 35. They do this marvelous Bring Your Own Baby night once a month. It was a great experience and everyone was very laid back. We walked in to pretty much every family socializing and running after their kids. After ordering a pizza and drinks Owen loved standing in the booth and talking with the other kids. I think we’ll go again next month.

I hope everyone is getting their schedule back to normal. Happy weekend!


A Happy Look Back

This past year has been a rough one. I really hope that this new year brings a bit more joy to everyone in my family. I decided that it would be fun to take a look back on the happier times we’ve had this year.


Look who was enjoying his tub bath. He is way too big for that now.


Getting ready for his swim lesson. Look how chubby 🙂


Getting ready to see the Easter Bunny. He was not a fan.


Turning One tastes good 🙂


Getting ready for his first haircut.

IMG_20150606_111958785 (1)

First of many zoo trips.

IMG_20150815_173455628 (1)

First carousel ride