Hearing the Heartbeat Never Gets Old

We had an appointment this morning and everything seems to be good with the baby. The heartbeat was 150, which they said was normal. It is interesting how much it has fluctuated from the first time we heard it. The only issue the midwife found was that I need to gain more weight. She said that I have only gained a few pounds so far, and that being 17 weeks along I should have gained about 10 pounds. I didn’t think that was possible for how much I am eating now, but she said to eat more fatty foods like peanuts, eggs, and pizza. Yes… she said pizza. Hopefully at the next appointment I will have gained about 5-7 more pounds.

As you know from earlier posts we are planning on having a gender reveal party, and I have been pinning some pictures of food and cakes for the big day. A few of my friends agreed to make a cake for the party. Yay! If you are thinking of throwing one too I have included some pictures below.


17 weeks

gender cake

cute cake idea

gender cake 2

another cake idea

grey yellow gender

decorations and food

gender decorations

more decorations and food


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