Belly Rubs

I guess I must be showing now because during a neighbor’s Halloween Party last night I received belly touches from two people. The first guy congratulated me, and then proceeded to touch my belly. The second woman politely asked before rubbing. It was kind of odd having people I just met rubbing my belly. I am sure it will happen again – especially as my belly grows.

We are one step closer to starting the nursery. I have decided to go with grey and mint as the primary colors in the room. My husband will be painting two dressers grey, and the walls will be painted mint. I will probably add some yellow to the mix once we start looking for throw rugs and wall hangings. Here is where I found some of the inspiration for my color choices. What do you think?





Nursery 2



Nursery 3



One thought on “Belly Rubs

  1. Just read through your blog. Great idea to keep us all informed. But I’m exhausted from trying to keep up with all your social activities. However – keep it going and enjoy every day. Pap

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