Baby Supplies

With the help of some friends we are now registered at Babies R Us and Target. Thank goodness they were there to give us some insight on what products they use and what things we won’t need. We wandered around both stores yesterday scanning away everything we will need when the baby arrives. The only things that I am still hung up on are a diaper bag and a chair -I will need to do more research on both. I have to say that the goodie bags that each store gave us were really nice. In the Target bag we got a pacifier, rattle, and some wipes. Not too bad for just registering there. It is also really easy to add and delete items off of the registry from the website – so these lists are definitely a work in progress, but I am glad they have been started.

It is funny how quickly you can feel your house get a bit tighter when you clean out a few rooms. I am thinking it only gets worse when the baby arrives. Tony has been painting away in the nursery. The ceiling is painted and he will be starting the trim this week. Hopefully it will be completed by early December so that we can order the carpet and have it installed. I know I have a ways to go yet, but I feel like there is so much that needs to be done. At least we are making progress.

Babies R Us

Taking a break from registering


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