Feeling Overwhelmed

This weekend was nice and relaxing. We didn’t have anything planned, but we knew that we wanted to get some nursery things done. Tony finished painting the two dressers that we are going to use in the nursery (one will be used for the changing table, and the other as part of a mini closet). Now I am searching for some new hardware for the drawers. I checked Anthropology online last night  big mistake. The stuff is so cute, but really expensive. Maybe I will check Lowe’s or Home Depot this week. We also decided that we would have wall-to-wall carpet installed in the nursery instead of refinishing the hardwood floors. The search is on for some carpet.

I am trying to put together a list of items that we want to add to our registry this weekend. I believe that I have the big things figured out, stroller, crib, rocking chair.  All that we have to do now is actually take a look at them in the store and see if we still want to add them. It was getting a little overwhelming looking over all of the options that are out there – and I was only looking at Target.  It is so crazy to me how much stuff you need for a baby. I guess that is why you have baby showers to help out with the cost.


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