Parents Visit

It was a nice change of pace this weekend with my parents in town. We really didn’t have anything planned other than to see a neighbor’s band play Saturday night, and it seemed to work out fine. We shopped a bit (to my husband’s dismay), but he was okay with it after he realized that it was my mom’s treat – I didn’t spend any money. We also went out to eat a lot. I don’t think my parents are used to seeing me eat so much. I told them they should have seen me during the first trimester :).

This weekend I gave up on my pregnancy pillow for now. I bought a more firm foam pillow from Costco today, and figured I will just put a pillow between my legs for support. Sometime this week I want to look for a body pillow. Hopefully having my new pillow will at least give me some relief from my neck pain.

I am really looking forward to our appointment on Wednesday. Can’t wait to hear the heartbeat again.


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