First of Many Trips to the Zoo

Owen, like most kids, really likes animals. So we decided to keep up the trend of being zoo members now that we’re in Pittsburgh. We went for our first of many trips yesterday, and we had a good time looking at the tigers, monkeys, crocodiles, fish, flamingos, and elephants too. I don’t recommend going into the monkey house when it is hot. It was like a stinky sauna. I think next time we’ll check out the Kids Kingdom section.






Happy Mother’s Day

Last year Owen and I had a Mother’s Day breakfast at his daycare. This year, since he is only going part time there won’t be a breakfast, but he did make me an adorable craft:

This week we had to go back to the dentist. Owen hit his front tooth at daycare (and didn’t tell anybody), and now it is permanently gray. We went to the dentist to make sure that his permanent tooth wasn’t affected, and they said that it looks ok but that his tooth is loose. So he might be losing his first tooth sooner than expected. It doesn’t seem to bother him so I’ll try and stop worrying about it.


He was watching a movie while waiting for the dentist.

Some sandbox fun after coming back from the dentist.


Not sure how he even gets in with all of those toys.

Wishing all of the moms a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day!




Being Three

Owen just had his well check last week and he is growing and healthy. The only thing that we need to work on is potty training. The doctor suggested when it is warm enough to just let him run around outside naked and have his potty ready. I have my doubts with this tactic, and I worry that he will think that it is normal to go to the potty outside, but I really don’t have that much to lose. Now we just need the weather to cooperate.


I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since we moved back to Pittsburgh. It has been really nice to be closer to family and friends. We are still in the process of making our house the way we want it. We pretty much finished the breakfast room and are now working on the dining room. We picked out a new set of furniture about a week ago and Tony is finishing up painting the room. I will post pictures once it is all completed. Yay!

If you are looking for a book to read during these rainy spring days I recommend reading The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.


Owen has a great imagination these days. He has been pretending to have birthday parties with his cars and dinosaurs. It has been so nice to have him play by himself if even for a few minutes. He has been doing most of his “parties” in the dining room as we redo it. At today’s party, his blanket was the cake. Another thing that he loves to imagine is that our banister going upstairs has a button that dispenses ice cream. Sounds like a pretty sweet idea to me.

Now that Owen is three, he has moved up to the preschool room at daycare, and he seems to really like it. I’m hoping that as more of his friends use the potty that he will as well. He has also moved up in his swimming class and goes into the pool without a parent with him (Tony is a big fan now that he doesn’t need to go in with him).

He also has good taste in sweets, like his mommy :).



Sucessful Dinosaur Party

I think I checked the weather for Owen’s party at least 20 times over the past 2 weeks. Not sure what I could have done if it was supposed to rain but I kept checking. As we were outside setting up for the party Saturday morning the clouds were out and the skies were really gray, but we kept on getting things done and hoping the sun would appear. Around 10:30 or so the clouds started to part and the sun appeared along with balloons and Owen’s dinosaur cupcake cake.


All the kids had fun doing dinosaur crafts, digging for fossils, feeding t-rex, finding dinosaur eggs, and the bounce house – the crowd favorite. I think my favorite part was all the kids lining up to start the dinosaur egg hunt. I filled 245 eggs with dinosaur stamps, dinosaur tattoos, dinosaur rings, and small plastic dinosaurs. Thank you to all our family and friends that made it such a special day!




Happy birthday, Owen! Here’s to getting you potty trained one of these days :/.


A Fun Way to Get a Discount at Party City

It’s about one more week until Owen’s Dinosaur Party and things are coming along nicely. When you are planning a kids party most people go to Party City at least once while getting ready for the big day. I went once last week and made a good dent in what I needed to buy. I grabbed a cart, ask the nice employee where a few things were, and I was on my way. That is until I swung my cart around and knocked a display off of an endcap, which fell directly on my cart. It made such a loud noise that the employee came over pretty quickly. The only thing I could do was laugh. The whole scene was pretty hilarious. I think I was too tired to be embarrassed, and luckily there weren’t many other customers around. The employee apologized for the accident a ton and once I got back with all my party supplies to check out she gave me a discount. I wonder if she will remember me when I go back to grab the things I forgot last week.

Centerpieces almost completed with fresh dinosaur eggs.


Birthday Planning

When someone asks Owen how old he is going to be he says, “two half”. We need to work on the meaning of birthdays and getting older. He does know and enjoy that he is getting a dinosaur themed birthday, which is a relief because of the huge amount of dinosaur things that have been ordered and made so far. Thank goodness for Amazon and Oriental Trading. They have helped me avoid crowds and shopping with a toddler.

My list of things that I want to make for the party is getting shorter, but there is still a ton of things that I want to get done. There are so many kids coming, and I want to make sure they all will be fed and entertained. I completed the party favors, the dino egg hunt bags, and ordered the dinosaur cupcake cake. I still need to fill all of the eggs and make fossils, centerpieces, and paint eggs to go on the centerpieces. I think a trip to Michaels and Party City is in my near future.

Besides party planning, we’ve been able to spend some time outside this week with the warming temps. Owen has been obsessed with finding “treasures” outside, and he was sharing them with me yesterday.