A Weekend Away

Last weekend we took a trip to Deep Creek, MD with friends. It was very nice to get away for a bit and catch up with friends. With 9 kids and 14 adults (all in the same house) it was crazy at times. I’m very thankful that we have close friends that want to be in the same house with us all weekend even if they don’t have kids themselves.

The weather was a little chilly when we arrived but warmed up enough to go on a boat ride on Saturday. For indoor entertainment we had dvds, toys, and of course a bounce house. We were hoping to set up the bounce house outside, but there wasn’t enough room for it. The biggest space in the house without moving too much furniture was the master bedroom (sorry Batch and Jen).

Owen went on his first boat ride on Saturday. He wasn’t really sure about it, and never let go of my hand, but I think he had a good time. He was worried when anyone got up to move while the boat was moving. Later in the afternoon we were able to have an adult only boat ride, which was made possible by 3 brave adults (one being Tony) staying back with the kids. Thank you, guys! Next time you will get to enjoy the boat ride.



Thank you, Melissa, for putting this picture together.




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