A Fun Way to Get a Discount at Party City

It’s about one more week until Owen’s Dinosaur Party and things are coming along nicely. When you are planning a kids party most people go to Party City at least once while getting ready for the big day. I went once last week and made a good dent in what I needed to buy. I grabbed a cart, ask the nice employee where a few things were, and I was on my way. That is until I swung my cart around and knocked a display off of an endcap, which fell directly on my cart. It made such a loud noise that the employee came over pretty quickly. The only thing I could do was laugh. The whole scene was pretty hilarious. I think I was too tired to be embarrassed, and luckily there weren’t many other customers around. The employee apologized for the accident a ton and once I got back with all my party supplies to check out she gave me a discount. I wonder if she will remember me when I go back to grab the things I forgot last week.

Centerpieces almost completed with fresh dinosaur eggs.



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