Helping Out in the Kitchen

Owen loves food and helping, so when we are feeling adventurous we let him “help” with dinner. A few weeks ago our friends were very brave to let two toddlers help with making pizza. I have to say, they did a good job and didn’t make a huge mess. Of course, they ate waaaay too much cheese but they had a great time. One of Owen’s favorite meals is fish so Tony let him help make fish this past week, and I had him help with Rice Krispie treats too. Who knows, maybe someday Owen will cook for his old parents :).

Today, with it snowing outside, it’s hard to imagine that spring will ever arrive. To ignore the cold weather a bit we started planning our 10 year wedding anniversary trip for the summer. We are thinking of traveling somewhere in the Caribbean. What do you recommend? Despite how much of a “help” Owen has been this is one vacation that he’ll be missing out on..


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