Happy Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but it’s a fun excuse to go out to dinner, which we did this past weekend. We dropped Owen off at a random daycare, and went out on our date. The daycare we dropped Owen off at isn’t where he is currently goes. A mom-friend of mine informed me that the daycare was having a parent’s night out that included crafts, pizza, and a movie. He really enjoyed his evening, and he was still going strong when we picked him up at 9 pm. We might even look into switching daycares if they have any openings because it is much closer to our house.

Since dinner was planned only a few days in advance our options were limited. We had dinner at Juniper Grill, which we had been to once before with Owen. It was nice to go this time just the two of us.

Owen is always wanting to paint, so I finally broke down and let him paint this past weekend. We did this Valentine’s Day craft that I pinned a few weeks ago. It was pretty easy to prep and came out looking good.


Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day!



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