Happy 2017

Maybe it was a bad idea to let Owen stay up to see the ball drop this year. He was a trooper  at the party we were attending and the only kid that lasted until the ball dropped, but it has taken a while to get him back on schedule. The Sunday after New Year’s Eve he slept until almost 11, and of course did not want to go to bed until after 10. I think last night was the first night that he went to bed his normal time. At least he had a good time cheering everyone with his water sippy cup at midnight.


Owen is still loving his bounce house he got from Santa. The only problem is that he likes having mommy or daddy jump with him. At least it is a workout jumping around. Every time Owen and daddy go in I think someone is going to get hurt from the screams I hear from the room.

There haven’t been many play dates recently, and I keep trying to keep Owen busy while the weather is cold outside so I decided to make “snow” yesterday. I found the simple how to video here.  He was so excited to play with the indoor snow. He grabbed some trucks and dinosaurs and made a good mess, but he was upset when we made him stop playing for dinner. I wasn’t sure if it would be ok to keep overnight so I threw it away and ordered him some kinetic sand that came with a tray and dinosaurs. Anyone else have fun winter toddler activities?


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