Christmas Recap

This Christmas was the most fun with Owen so far, plus being in our own house for Christmas morning was so nice. He is starting to get to know that Santa brings the presents and he loves all the lights. We made cookies last week for Santa, and had to make sure to put them out on Christmas Eve along with some carrots for the reindeer. He was surprised when we woke up on Christmas morning to see that the snacks were gone. Next year I will have to remember to leave the milk cup out instead of putting it in the dishwasher.

Hosting Christmas Eve worked out very well. Everyone had a good time and Santa even showed up. On Christmas day, after opening his presents, Owen got to spend time with all of his cousins. They had a ton of fun running around and being really loud. You can tell he is the second from the youngest because I always find bruises on him the day after playing with his cousins. Until next year, Christmas. We had a blast!



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