Some Crafts and Santa

The past few days have been super cold, and staying inside made the most sense. Keeping Owen occupied and limiting TV is always a challenge. A few weeks ago we went to Michael’s and got a few busy activities. We got one of those felt coloring sheets, pom poms, and a canvas and paint. He was very excited to be able to use some markers and had fun using his tongs to pinch the pom poms and put them in a bowl. Next week I want to make something with the canvas, but it will require paint so some defensive planning is required.

In the past few weeks Owen was able to visit with Santa 3 times. He did pretty well each time because he saw the treats that he was going to get and he kept his eye on that. I don’t think he understands that he can tell Santa what he wants yet. When I ask him what he wants he says dinosaurs. Hopefully he will enjoy the bounce house that we got him. Bye bye sitting room.

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