Family Time

We had a very nice Thanksgiving last week with family. We relaxed in the morning watching the parade, and then I stuffed myself and ate pie for breakfast the rest of the week. Oh yeah, my pies turned out good too.  They didn’t look very pretty, but they tasted good and I didn’t hear any complaints. For Christmas I will try and work on fluting the crusts.


The toilet roll turkeys crafts that I planned out for the cousins worked out as well. Owen even sat down for a few minutes and made one. I think I’m going to try and get the supplies to make a coffee filter Christmas tree for the kids on Christmas.

It’s almost December and I think we’ve bought a total of 3 gifts so far :/. We have a goal every year of buying everything online to avoid the crowds, so I’ve got to get moving on that. At least we have a decorated Christmas tree, though it almost didn’t happen last night. Owen was getting flustered and not cooperating, and I was about to throw in the towel. So Tony took Owen to get a bath and I finished it up along with the other Christmas decorations.


I’m looking forward to this weekend when Owen will get to spend some time with his cousins and see Santa.


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