Pies and Play-doh

This is the first holiday season in a long time that we haven’t had to travel out of state for the holidays, and we are really excited about it. In the past we’ve been in charge of bringing pies to Thanksgiving because we lived near Just Pies, and it didn’t require us to cook. Now since we’re only traveling 20 minutes down the road I decided it would be nice to make the pies. So, with the help of my mom last night, 3 pies have been made. They aren’t Pinterest worthy, but hopefully they at least taste good. I’ll be watching my family’s faces tomorrow ;).

Owen has been really into playing with Play-Doh recently, and the rule is to stay at the dining room table when he is playing with it (and not put it in his mouth). I got him a bunch of cookie cutter toys to use with it, and it can keep him occupied for a while. I usually keep a close eye on him when he is playing with it, but today he snuck into the living  room and pushed the Play-Doh into the carpet. So now I’m an expert at getting Play-Doh out of a carpet. I guess I will need to be in the same room with him when he plays with it.

We had a little snow over the weekend (a little more than a dusting), and Owen made his first snowman of the season. Glad someone likes the snow.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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