Such a Peach

A very sarcastic title to this week’s post :/. Owen has been such a terror the past few days. He started out really well on Monday, but on Tuesday we only lasted about half an hour at a play group and I took him out screaming. Not sure what is up with him, but he has been screaming so much that he is giving me headaches. I’ve never been so excited to go to a work out class tonight. I snapped a few pictures this morning of Owen actually having some fun at Party Lane.

I just started a free week trial at a Pilates studio, and am really enjoying it. My first class was Saturday and it was a challenge. They have specific Pilates machines and I had to learn as I went. The instructor was very nice and patient with me, and I was sore for a few days but knew it was a good workout. I’m also enjoying the studio itself because they offer yoga as well as barre classes. I’m hoping to feel more comfortable with the machines after taking a few more classes.

If you’re looking for a simple cookie to make this holiday season I’m making these for a Friendsgving on Friday, and I just put together the supplies that are needed for this fun Thanksgiving craft. Yup Thanksgiving is in a week. Hope you’re ready for the crazy holiday season.

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