Halloween Fun

This was the first Halloween in our new house, and the first time that Owen went trick-or-treating. Tony and I were a lot more excited for Owen to go than he was. We kept trying to explain to him how much fun he’d have, but he just didn’t understand. After a few houses he got the idea of it and kept wanting to go to more houses. I really hate giving Owen a ton of sugar while I can help it. I was able to get away with Owen just having one piece of candy and a bag of chips on Halloween night, and even with that small amount he didn’t fall asleep until 10. Oh well, it was Halloween.

I love passing out treats and seeing all of the kids in their costumes, and we had plenty of treats to give out. We had plenty of candy, and we had small toys in preparation for kids with allergies. Some of our neighbors told us that we should expect 100 kids so we bought a lot more candy than we usually do. Unfortunately we only got about 30 kids. So we have a ton left. I’ve heard you can send it to the troops – I’ll have to look into that. Now it’s time to take down the Halloween decorations and think about Thanksgiving – the lost holiday before Christmas.

I’ve been trying really hard to get Owen to at least have some quiet time in his bed during the day, but it has only worked once this week. I was especially surprised today when I found him waiting at the top of the stairs for me. He finally got enough courage to climb out of his crib :/. I guess we’ll have to pull down the side of his crib soon. I’m going to miss baby jail.


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