Fall Fun

I know that most of the retail stores pretty much pass over Halloween and Thanksgiving, but in our house we really enjoy the fall. It has been a tradition to go apple and pumpkin picking as a family. This year we went to Soergel’s Apple Orchard. They were having their Fall Festival when we went – so it was crazy crowded but worth it!

After being directed to a parking spot not very close to the orchard we hiked down the hill, only to catch a hay ride back up the other side to the orchard. Owen was pretty happy once we found a seat – he still loves anything with wheels. The ride went through some of the orchards and stopped by the pumpkin patch.

We got a bag and went to pick some apples. By then Owen was in a not-so-fun toddler mood and just wanted to kick the apples around. So Tony and I picked most of the apples to take home. Owen eventually got in a better mood when he found out that he could pick his own pumpkin to take home. After we found the best pumpkins we needed to figure out how to get the 3 pumpkins, large bag of apples, and a toddler back on the hay ride. Next year we may bring our own bag.



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