Soccer Shots

As I sit here starting at the monitor wishing that Owen would nap for at least a little bit I think about how cute he can be sometimes. Even though he is screaming,”mama”, and throwing his stuffed animals out of his crib, I enjoy watching him play soccer. We signed Owen up for soccer this fall knowing that he liked to kick the ball. I didn’t have any expectations other than getting him to listen to his coach and enjoy being outside. So far after 2 weeks I think we accomplished both of these goals.

For the first practice there was one kid just happily eating his goldfish and another one throwing tantrums. Fortunately he wasn’t either of those kids. We didn’t know what to expect from Owen, but he seems to listen to his coach pretty well and enjoy soccer overall. During the practices every kid has their own colored “bubble” that they have to stand in before they are instructed to do anything else (Owen pushed a kid out of his last week when the kid encroached on his territory :/). So far they have learned to trap the ball, kick it in the goal, and not use their hands. Of course pretty much all of them have to be told not to use their hands, but they are only 2 and 3 year olds.

I think the most exciting thing for Owen so far is getting his orange Soccer Shots jersey. He was super pumped to put it on. We’ll see what tonight’s practice has in store.

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