Morning at Living Treasures

Like any good toddler Owen loves animals. He loves chasing, petting, and feeding them. Last week we made it out to Living Treasures. This place is perfect for kids who love animals. It’s pretty much a huge petting zoo where the animals are ready to be fed. When you first walk in the employees offer you carrots or a bucket of animal feed. Of course it’s super over priced but totally worth it. I’ve never seen Owen so happy to have a bag of carrots. After walking through the doorway to see the animals Owen shouted, “goats!”, and had me open the bag to feed the goats. He wasn’t hesitant to squeeze his little fingers in the goats mouth. Then it was time to feed the next animal. I thought we were going to run out of carrots about halfway through but we had just enough.

At the end of the petting zoo you can feed the giraffes. They enjoy the romaine leaves that you can purchase at a stand nearby. We got up close and personal with the giraffes mouth, which included a slobbery tongue. Every time Owen stuck out his hand to give the giraffe the leaves he said, “ewwww”, but he could have kept feeding them all afternoon. It was a great morning and we’ll be back again.


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