Where have the naps gone?

Oh how I remember just last week when Owen would nap for at least an hour a day. I think he is rebelling since we took his binkie away. On Friday (after his last nap) I told him to hand over his binkie, and he said, “Elmo”. I thought he was referring to the Sesame Street episode when Elmo gives up his binkie. So I said, “yes I will give it to Elmo so he can give it to the other babies that need binkies”, and that was that. That night he did ask and cry for his binkie for a while be then he eventually fell asleep. The past few nights have gotten a little better. Hopefully soon he won’t ask for it and he’ll nap again.

I think Tony and I need to refer to each other as mom and dad because Owen now knows my name is Lauren. Tony was yelling my name down the stairs last week and Owen caught on. Now occasionally when Owen walks down the steps he yells “Lauren”. It was really funny the first few times, but he needs to stick to mama for now.

He starts soccer on Monday, but we need to sign this kid up for swim lessons again.



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