Party in the mountains

I’ve never been much of a camping person. I would rather be in a nice cabin in the woods with a flushable toilet and electricity (and maybe a hot tub). Not sure why I feel this way, but that’s just how I’ve always been. I don’t mind being outside I just need things to be comfortable. Last weekend we visited a family friend’s cabin for a birthday festival. It was a bittersweet time.


It’s always hard seeing pictures of Justin around, but this weekend was a heavy reminder of how much fun he had at the cabin. Growing up my brothers and dad went up to the cabin a lot. It was their place to let some energy out. They loved riding quads, dirt bikes, and racing around in the golf cart. For me it was a last resort. If my mom was working I would have to go. 20+ years later it was definitely different. It was the first time I was went with Tony and Owen, and I could enjoy some beverages as well. The weather was perfect. Tony enjoyed taking us around in the golf cart and listening to the stories of me hating the place. Owen loved exploring and pushing his firetruck around.

As the day went on and the band started playing you could feel the happiness.


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